Sunday, 1 December 2019

When the Monday blues tag along, we all long and wait for those TGIF moments again and again. The wonderful feeling that seeps into our minds with the Friday nights after those long and hectic workdays is simply unmatched! The weekend that follows lets us a great break from our stress and provides us the much needed refreshment and relaxation and this feeling is one that we wish to make it last on and on. Though it lasts till the weekend only! However life does bring with it consolation as the weekends keep continuing to come and sometimes you get the opportunity to convert them into really long ones and into an extended vacation like this Christmas season! So make sure you make the best use of your vacation . And camping in Kanatal is just one of those ways to achieve it !   

Best time to visit Kanatal

Although Kanatal is a destination that has camping throughout the year , it looks its best during the winters between the months of December and January.  Avoid the monsoons in Kanatal as this time of the year may pose many risks on account of the unfavourable weather conditions along with recurrent mountain landslides, thereby making the entire visit a difficult one. So it is best to avoid Kanatal  during the wet season.

Kanatal in the Winters  (October - March)

During the months of October to February , Kanatal may see temperatures ranging from one degree Celcius to fifteen degrees ! So make sure you carry your woollens and thick clothes as these become an absolute necessity when you visit the place in winters.  And this time of the year is also a great opportunity to   reinvent fairy tale as you will be able to see the snow and the entire town like a white painted picture as the thick snow engulfs it.  Does that sound exciting ? Then do visit Kanatal once and you will want to visit it again and again!

Camping in Kanatal – why you will simply love it !

Some  promising reasons : 
  • The location:  far away from the hustle and bustle of the city within the lovely woods of oaks, pines, rhododendron and deodar.
  • Adventure activities:  rock climbing, rapelling,  river crossing, valley crossing  to name a few and more to keep the adrenalin rush as you enjoy yourself thoroughly 
  • Amazing camps: comfortable and cozy tents offered by camps in Kanatal with the basic amenties to luxury camps to suit your tastes and preferences.
  • Great landscape: the mesmerising views of the breathtaking landscape of Kanatal will win over your heart and mind 
  • Camp Little Jaguar: the best camp in Kanatal ever, Camp Little jaguar welcomes families, corporate and schools and endeavours to make their stay as comfortable as possible with its well set 15 Swiss tents, playground area for kids, and much more.

So plan a great surprise this winter season for your family and friends as you take them to the beautiful mountains of Kanatal- a delight they will surely be pleased to remember coupled with excitement as they enjoy the wonderful experience of camping in Kanatal.

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