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Sunday, 13 October 2019

Yoga Retreat in India

Losing yourself in the entrancing birthplace of yoga- India, could lead you to a new path of self discovery!

If yoga is your cup of tea, then India – the land of yogis beckons you for a relaxing yoga retreat – an experience one of its kind.   A land truly blessed with ethnic temples and shrines, the spirituality that dwells in its mountains and rivers, and enlightenment that spells out in the atmosphere, India presents you a sacred journey to deepen your yogic practice coupled with the purity of adventure.

“ If you are looking for inspiration, devotion and meditation, then India is the place to be,” says Yoga Guru Himanshu Joshi who leads a yoga school in India for yoga teacher training and yoga retreats in India.  It is in India indeed,that one gets a close-up view of a culture that yoga hails from.
Concept of yoga in India

In contrary to the west which emphasises on the sequences (asanas) and physical postures, the concept of asanas in India is just a part of the wider traditional subject.  So there is a greater degree of importance given to breathing and meditation , cleansing techniques, mantra chanting (devotional practices), karma yoga or community service and yoga philosophy.

Why a Yoga retreat in India

Though a yoga retreat may not necessarily be cheap in India today, these do give good returns in terms of quality and the add-ons that come with a particular retreat package.  For example a yoga retreat in Goa conducted by a quality yoga school in India, could include accommodation, healthy ayurvedic food, well-equipped premises and so on as a part of the package besides yoga sessions. Again a yoga retreat program in Rishikesh could include some exciting excursions, kirtan sessions (devotional songs ), cooking classes and more on the go.  Besides , you would also get a great opportunity to meet like-minded fellow yogis and make friends for a lifetime!

Yoga and India have an age-old connection. Every year, the subcontinent is visited by millions of tourists and yoga enthusiasts in search of wisdom and enlightenment. Not only is this land of yogis suitable for the learning of yoga but also for the practice of the same on account of its tranquil and peaceful spots such as Rishikesh, Goa, Dharamsala which favour yoga retreat sessions perfectly and act as wonderful escapades that many look forward to after taking a break from their hectic routine of city life.

What happens at a Yoga Retreat?

At a typical  yoga retreat session, you will find guided yoga sessions being  conducted by qualified and experienced yoga experts. While some retreat centres limit their programs to daily lessons only, there are many which entail an entire package such as yoga sessions in the mornings, breakfast and other activities like ceremonial gatherings or walks etc.

So does the idea of retreating from your conventional routine life and heading off to India to rebond with yourself appeal to you?  Then pack your bags and book your tickets to India for a  refreshing and rejuvenating yoga retreat ahead.

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Contact no. : +919760206223
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Saturday, 12 October 2019

Must Used Cell Phone Rules For Kids That Every Parent Should Know


If you have finally decided to let your kid own a cell phone, here are a few rules you need to make sure your child follows.

1. Establish a Smartphone Plan

Since this is the first phone your child is getting, you have the leverage to get them to agree on your very own set of terms and conditions. Formulate a cell phone plan for them which can be comprised of the following points.
  • Give them a limitation, stating they can only use their mobile devices for certain hours of the day. State it clearly that they will have to face punishment for running over the decided period of time.
  • Restrict them from exploring adult content on the internet. Have a conversation about sensitive topics including cyberbullying, sexting and online predators. Warn them about the consequences of sexting so that they can comprehend the severity of the matter.
  • Allow them only a certain healthy number of downloads. Most kids develop Internet gaming addiction pretty quickly, which is not easy to eradicate.

2. Instill Positive Smartphone Etiquettes

Cellphone etiquettes are not something that you need to teach your kids only when they are getting their first phone. But, a parent needs to instill good cell phone manners since their kid is just a preschooler. Mirror proper cell phone manners in your own conduct and your child will automatically learn those manners. Focus on the following tips to teach cell phone etiquettes to your children.
  • Strictly prohibit cell phone usage during meal times. Let your kids know when it is considered inappropriate to use their cell phones.
  • Ask them to put their phone down whenever you or another individual is trying to communicate with them in person.
  • Restrict them to use their phones in school or during their study time at home.
  • Make sure that your kid doesn’t use the cell phone while driving.

3. Install Smartphone Parental Controls

Being a parent, you cannot be completely sure that your child is not going to make a digital slip-up while using his/her smartphone, which is why it is a smart move to get your child’s agreement on installing a reliable parental control app before getting them a smartphone. Cell phone parental control apps allow parents to monitor their child’s use of the mobile device. You can easily install a parental control app on your child’s mobile device like FamilyTime:

Using FamilyTime, parents can take advantage of various thoughtful features. A few of them are written below.
  • You can control your child’s use of the screen and can even simply lock their phones with a single swipe if you want your kids to be detached from their phones for a while.
  • You can review the list of installed apps on your kid’s phone and can prohibit them from using inappropriate apps by simply blocking that app from their phones.
  • Parents can view the list of visited URLs in their kid’s phone along with the complete details of the date and time.
  • You can apply internet filters to keep them away from unwanted content
  • You can enable safe search option for their safe browsing experience
  • FamilyTime even allows you to track the location of your kid. Parents can create virtual Geo-fences using this cell phone parental control app.
  • You can keep your kid protected from the speech, cyberbullying and even sexting because FamilyTime lets you monitor your child’s text messages which are sent or received on the mobile device.

And the list of FamilyTime features does not end here. There are bundles of other features too that help parents instill cell phone etiquettes in kids such as Watchlisting contacts, monitoring contact books, scheduling auto screen locks, remotely locking devices, etc. You can easily download the FamilyTime app from the app store i.e. Google play store or iTunes.

Friday, 11 October 2019

Benefits of Finding the Perfect Family Dentist

Oral care is a critical component of your overall health. If your teeth or gums deteriorate, it could have serious implications for your wellbeing. Regular brushing and flossing aren’t enough. To really keep your mouth in great shape, you need to see the dentist.

There’s a common misconception that adults only need to go to the dentist when they have a specific problem. This may have been true in the early days of professional dentistry, but modern practitioners are just as devoted to preventive care as they are to taking care of acute problems.

Searching for the right dentist often starts with a simple Google search. For example, depending on your geographic location, you might conduct a search query for “best dentist in Centennial CO” to find top-rated local dentists. Even if you aren’t experiencing any issues with your teeth now, preventative dentistry can save you thousands of dollars and plenty of time and stress. Experts recommend that adults see the dentist twice a year. Here are a few other benefits of finding the right dentist:

Better Smile

Your smile is tied to your greeting. A warm, friendly smile entices people and makes you seem approachable. If you’re too self-conscious to smile because of your teeth, it will affect the way to interact with people. Cosmetic problems can be fixed by a dentist. You’ll feel more confident and it’ll be easier to navigate social situations.

Problem Detection

Your dentist knows how to spot potential problems before they progress. With many dental issues, early detection makes a big difference. You may not notice that there’s a problem until the issue has already grown serious.

A routine checkup is more than just a tedious task. Your dentist is actually doing something when they examine your mouth and look at X-rays. For example, you could have a cavity without realizing it. If you left it alone, the tooth will eventually rot when the bacteria gets into your bloodstream.

Better Habits

Once you become a parent, you’re committed to setting a good example for your kids. If your kids see that going to the dentist is a normal part of adulthood, they’re more likely to continue the habit themselves.

Children, and sometimes adults, often fear going to the dentist. They associate the experience with pain. Your children are less likely to experience this fear if they go to the dentist as a family.

Bad Breath

Bad breath is often caused by poor oral hygiene or a health problem in your mouth. It may not seem like a big deal, but having bad breath can actually hold you back in life. At the office, if people notice, you may be less likely to get a promotion or to be put into a customer-facing role. Even though people are polite, no one wants to be around someone with bad breath.

Steady Relationship

It’s better to find a family dentistry that you and your kids can go to. That way, you will get to know your dentist. You’ll feel more comfortable discussing your health with someone who you have seen more than once. This relationship could last decades. If you’re happy, there’s no reason to change dentists.

Avoid Tooth Loss

Gum disease can eventually lead to the loss of a tooth. Your only options at that point are to get an implant, dentures, or live with fewer teeth. It’s not a pleasant choice. By meeting with your dentist, you give them a chance to stop the decay in its tracks. Gum disease is often the result of plaque buildup. When you go to the dentist, your teeth will be regularly cleaned.

Financial Safety

Dental problems are notoriously expensive. A single tooth implant can cost over $1,000. That’s one of the reasons why it’s so important to catch problems early. It’s true that every cosmetic issue can be fixed at this point, but it’s also true that it’s not cheap. By seeing your dentist, you may be able to avoid a surprisingly expensive bill.

Increased Wellbeing

Your overall health and wellbeing depend on a myriad of factors. One of them is your oral health. A regular teeth cleaning feels amazing. Even if you brush the way you’re supposed to every day, you may still miss an area. It’s part of being human. A trip to the dentist will sort you out. This results in an increased sense of overall wellbeing.

Finding the right dentist may take time. But it’s absolutely worth the effort. You and your family deserve the best possible oral care. You need a good dentist to make that happen.

Thursday, 10 October 2019

Single Niche Vs Multiple Niche - What Should You Go With?

A niche is a blogging term used by professional bloggers to describe a topic on which the blog is based. It is a specialised term in SEO and Blogging. Blogging has rejuvenated into multidimensional forms in the recent years. It has evolved, and it has aconsiderable impact on the readers based on the topic/niche. So choosing a niche is as important as the content on the blog.

A blog may be centred on a single niche, or it may include many niches altogether. Many times a new blogger thinks a multi-niche blog might fetch him/her a large number of viewers while some think that holding on to a single niche does better. Here is why single niche may be better than a multi-niche blog and the points clarifying the difficulty between single niche vs multiple niche.

1. Money becomes a tough issue

A single niche blog is more focused and targeted. It is subjective in its approach and is able to send a clear message about a certain issue. This increases the readability and quality of the content. The better the quality of the blog, the better the number of viewers and readers the blog will have. This indirectly increases the money fetching ability of the blog.

On the other hand, a multi-niche blog is more diffused in its content and doesn’t stay to the point on its subject matter. This lightens the interest of the readers and consequently reduces the number of views. Hence the money making dries up too.

2.SEO is full of friction in case of multi-niche blogs

The search engine optimisation in the case of multi-niche blogs is very difficult. With the advancements and more keyword oriented searches in search engines, a multi-niche fails to give us content that is more object-oriented. Therefore, there may be a very little chance that a multi-niche site shows up for every search on a search engine. On the contrary, for a specific keyword, it is more than likely that Google may give you a sufficient number of single niche blogs/sites that provide more information.

3.The target audience

Every blog is intended to influence a certain audience. This is one of the basic principles of internet blogs. Each blog focuses on addressing the problems and issues faced by a specific group of people. So the readers and the blog, both are interwoven to each other. One cannot exist without the other.

In the case of a multi-niche blog, it is tough going to get the audience base of the blog. The number of multiple topics in the blogs doesn’t happen to strike a chord with readers if not handled sustainably. So a special team may be needed that comprises of experts in the respective fields of blogging. On the other hand, a single niche blog is fairly easy to handle. Being more topic-centric and concentrated, the audience base is easy to accumulate, thus increasing the target audience and hence, popularity.

4.Lack of coherence in multi-niche blog

A multi-niche blog owing to its multi-directional feature includes a lot of information and content. As we know, information and knowledge are power to a person. But providing information isn’t the only aim of a blog. A blog must be able to deliver information in a smooth transitional manner for a good reading experience.

In multi-niche blogs, it is a tedious task to maintain a healthy relation and coherence between the information provided on the blog. As a result, the reader might feel a forced interest that he exerts on himself while reading the blog. The consequence of which is the eventual disinterest of the audience to the multi-niche blog. On the other part, a single niche blog delivers on its topic effortlessly and with solidarity. As a result, the audience gets what it wants, a meaningful lucid, informative source. This is the key to the success of a blog.

5.Difficulty to maintain a good connection with fellow bloggers

The widespread topics present in a multi-niche blog make it hard for a blogger to connect with fellow bloggers on a site. This is apparently because it is a very difficult thing to socialise with different people of varying tastes. The blogger may find it cumbersome to connect with the views and opinions of a group of bloggers from a variety of niches at the same time. This can be attributed to human nature. It is generally quite a task to relate you with people who have different choices and interests. Therefore, establishing a good rapport with bloggers from various niches is a herculean task.

A single-niche blog, contrarily, helps the blogger to communicate with bloggers who share the same niche effectively. This helps smooth and efficient exchange of information and flawless communication as well. So a single niche can help you get some friends among the bloggers.

6.A higher exit rate in case of Multi-niche blogs

A multi-niche blog may tend to scare away the readers due to some of its irrelevant information. Therefore, in the case of multi-niche blogs it may be seen that a reader may leave the blog for a short while before reading it completely. This decreases the popularity of multi-niche blogs.

A single niche blog has more chances of rooting the reader to the blog until it ends. This is one speciality of single niche blog that generates its popularity and favours it.

A single niche blog is in many ways more preferable than the multi-niche blog on account of the above reasons. Moreover, it is less of a complicated fact that a jack of all trades is a master of none. Specialising on one issue stands far better than describing many issues illegibly.

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Migraine Symptoms, Causes, Treatment and Prevention

There are multiple health problems which we often ignore, expecting it to be a minor issue. One such issue which most of us ignore thinking is it a minor condition is a headache. You might be having a headache but you don’t pay much attention to it every time. As a result, the headache worsens and you pop in a non-prescribed pill. Have you ever thought that your repetitive headache could be a migraine? Well, you might not know yet but a headache is one of the migraine symptoms. If you don’t know what migraine is, it is time you do!

Migraine meaning

A migraine is a form of headache that affects a human body along with sensitivity towards light, vomiting, and nausea. It is a neurological condition which can last from 4 hours to 3 days. In the US, the AMF or the American Migraine Foundation researched about migraine. The results were pretty astonishing as almost 36 million people are affected by it. The data collected shows that women are more affected by migraines when compared to men. A general age group was also derived through the survey which showed that it affected people from the age of 10 to 40.

Migraine is said to be a hereditary health condition as well. For instance, if your parental grandfather suffered from migraines, there are high chances that you may get affected by it too. It can pass down from grandparents to parents and children. Migraine can be easily mistaken with common headache reasons and that is why most of the migraine cases go unrecorded. The diagnosis process includes clinical testing, verifying symptoms, and detecting the phenomenon.

Effects of Migraine Pain

As described by the people suffering from migraines, the pain has different forms. Some patients experience a pulsating pain, while some experience pounding, throbbing, debilitating and perforating kinds of pain. In some cases, patients have felt a steady and severely dull headache as well. It often starts as a regular headache but if kept untreated, things could aggravate to a much worse level. Migraine pain often affects one side of the head in the forehead area, but in some cases, it can occur on both sides too.

Types of Migraine Headaches

Coming down to the types of migraine headaches, the most common one is the ones without any aura. Although the migraine symptoms in all the cases are the same there are different types of headaches. The migraine headache with aura is known as the classic migraine. Aura is the signal which you might receive before the pain starts. Usually, the aura starts an hour before the actual migraine pain and can last up to 15 to 20 minutes. There are some visual auras which include:

  • Blurry vision
  • Jagged or wavy lines
  • Bright lights or flashing dots
  • Temporary loss of vision
  • Blind spots
Apart from these, there are other auras that can affect the senses of the patient. These auras can cause a minute change in your sensation like hearing, taste, feeling, and more. Some of the rarest migraine conditions have such auras. Here we have briefed about these rare migraine conditions as well.

1. Hemiplegic Migraine

Under this condition, you will experience a short time paralysis or Hemiplegia in one side of your body. Along with this, you might feel temporary dizziness, numbness and vision problems. Besides, these are also the symptoms of stroke so it is tough to distinguish both the conditions. Doctors recommend getting emergency help whenever you or anyone known to you experiences these symptoms.

2. Ophthalmic Migraine

This condition has different symptoms. These symptoms are dull ache behind your eye, partial or complete vision loss in one eye for a short period of time, and more. if you experience any of these symptoms, immediately ask for medical help.

3. Migraine with Brainstem Aura

Loss of balance, dizziness, confusion, mild headache is some of the symptoms prior to the actual headache. Under this condition, the pain affects the back of the head. Some of the other symptoms related to this condition are trouble speaking, vomiting and ears ringing. This form of migraine is common in teenage and adult women as it is strongly related to hormonal change.

4. Migrainosus

Migrainosus is a rare migraine condition that can last for more than 72 hours. Nausea and the pain are so intense that you just need to rush to the hospital. This is caused due to some medication or as a part of withdrawal syndrome.

5. Ophthalmoplegic Migraine

Paralysis of the eye muscles and pain around the eye are the common symptoms of this type of migraine headache. This condition is an emergency health condition and requires immediate doctor’s assistance. The pain can create pressure on the nerves of the eye. There are other symptoms as well which include double vision, droopy eyelids, and so on.

Migraine Facts

  • People who suffer from migraines can easily detect the migraine symptoms and the factors leading to it. The most common factors are allergies, stress, and anxiety.
  • Migraine patients get a warning before the pain starts and that is as a signal.
  • If you can detect the commencement of the condition, you can stop it from affecting you or anyone you know by acting upon it.
  • OTC or over the counter medication such as pain reliefs can reduce the pain. Further, if you can avail of the specific medication, it can help you escape the headache as well.
  • Migraine patients who are prone to severe attacks prevent it by keeping the required medications along with them all the time.

Migraine Symptoms

The symptoms of migraine might affect you a couple of days before the actual attack. This time period is known as the prodrome stage of a migraine attack. The symptoms you will experience during this stage are:

  • Excessive craving for food
  • Stiffness in the neck area
  • Low energy
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Frequent yawning
  • Irritability
  • Stress
  • Hyperactivity
In the cases where the patient suffers from migraine with aura, the symptoms occur after the prodrome stage. In the aura migraine case, you will experience vision problems, movement issues, speech problems, and sensation problems. Some of the examples of these problems are listed below:

  • Improper speech or difficulty while speaking
  • Temporary vision loss
  • Tingling or prickly sensation in the legs, face, and arms
  • Seeing bright spots, irregular shapes, and flashlights
Next comes the actual attack phase where you will experience a different set of symptoms. At this stage, things have already aggravated to a much severe condition. Now is when the migraine pain starts to affect you. This pain can occur during the aura time period as well. The symptoms of the migraine attack last up to a day or two. Although the symptoms vary from person to person the effects are pretty similar. The symptoms of the attack are mentioned below.
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • High sensitivity towards sound and light
  • Various forms of head pain like pulsating, throbbing, pounding, and more
  • The pain of migraine occurs in only one part of the head, like the left side or right side. In some cases, it occurs in the back of the head or in the forehead too.
Once the attack is over, you will experience the postdrome phase. This phase has a distinct effect on the feelings and mood of the person affected by migraines. Feelings can be as different as feeling happy euphoric or feeling pathetic and fatigued. You might feel a constant mild headache after the attack is over. The intensity of the attack and the length, both vary in every individual. At times, you might not be affected by the aura phase or the prodrome phase.

Causes of Migraine Headaches

The exact cause of migraine is not known to a lot of us but the migraine symptoms are. Depending on these symptoms doctors tend to treat their patients too. It is stated in a study that migraine is caused due to the relative changes in the brain as well as the genes of the individual. As mentioned earlier, migraines can be due to hereditary. You can also inherit the symptoms of migraines from any of your family members such as grandparents or parents as well.

A group of scientists researched the cause of migraines. As a result, it was found that this condition can be caused due to the change in the pattern of blood flow in the brain. Some people think it is a brain condition that comes from the time of birth. Well, this has very little chances to be true but isn’t verified yet.

The process of migraine pain commences when an overactive nerve cell sends a signal to the trigeminal nerve to activate. Trigeminal nerves send sensation to the face and head. When this nerve is activated, some of the chemicals are released in the brain. These chemicals are CGRP or Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide and serotonin. CGRP leads to the swelling of the blood vessels in the brain. In addition to this, neurotransmitters are released which causes pain and inflammation in the head. Even though a definite cause hasn’t been verified by scientists and doctors, but there are some factors that contribute to the cause.
  • Traveling
  • Dehydration
  • Smoking
  • Loud noises
  • Alcohol drinking habits
  • Skipping meals
  • Unusual or foul smell
  • Intense physical workout
  • Selective foods
  • Improper sleeping habits
  • Oral contraceptives and nitroglycerin
  • Hormonal changes in women, like progesterone and estrogen instability during pregnancy, menstruation, and menopause
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Barometric pressure fluctuation
  • Severe hot and cold weather changes
  • Bright lights
If you experience any of the migraine symptoms then you might be affected by the condition. The best way to detect it is by consulting a doctor and opting for clinical tests.

Treatment for Migraine

Treating migraine is not an easy task as it is aimed towards eliminating the attacks completely. You can opt for some of the changes in your daily lifestyle to eliminate migraine headaches completely. These changes are:

  • Reduce stress
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Get rid of depression
  • Avoid foods which cause health issues
  • Avoid smoking
  • Eliminate the use of alcohol
  • Consume a minimum of 8 to 10 glasses of water daily
  • Exercise daily
  • Develop proper sleeping habits
  • Follow a proper and healthy diet
If these aren’t enough to help you with the migraine conditions then you must consult a doctor. You can also opt for certain migraine medications but only after your doctor recommends it to you. Besides, there is an option of surgery which is for severe migraine problems.

Medications to Eliminate Migraine Symptoms

You can control the migraine through medication courses given by doctors. You need to follow it up as prescribed else it might not resolve the issue. There are some specific medications for migraine as well as some painkillers which can help you get rid of the pain. These painkillers are available in every pharmacy. You can get them over the counter on placing the prescription of the doctor. The painkillers are:
  • Ibuprofen
  • Naproxen
  • Acetaminophen
  • Aspirin with Acetaminophen and Caffeine

How to Prevent Migraines?

The best way to prevent migraines is by detecting the symptoms and eliminating the possible causes of it. Further, you can consume medications prescribed by your doctor for avoiding or eliminating the condition. Also, you need to keep a record of the symptoms and causes which trigger the headache. This, in turn, will help you to avoid the symptoms in the future.

Stress, anxiety, and depression are some of the root causes of a lot of health issues. It also leads to migraine headaches as well. You need to avoid stress, anxiety, and depression to stay away from migraine pain. At any point, if you experience symptoms of migraine, straightaway consult your doctor for help. It will be a huge mistake if you allow the condition to aggravate.

Change in lifestyle can also help you avoid the symptoms of migraines and lead a healthy life. All these factors are only effective when you are aware of your health condition. If you don’t take proper care of your health, then you might be the next person visiting a doctor for migraine headaches. Stay fit and take good care of your health.

Why Rishikesh is known as the Yoga Capital of the World?

Yoga learning has gone through a complete face-off in the last few years. People from India and abroad are trying to enrich themselves with the benefits of yoga. Different styles and forms are made a subject of learning for yoga teacher training in India. But, did you know which place got the greatest popularity after its introduction to the world?

It’s Rishikesh!! Rishikesh is named as the World Capital of Yoga, after its teachings spread across all parts of the world. Rishikesh became the main destination for yoga learning after the famous British pop band, the Beatles, Since, then this small Indian city came into the spotlight and become the top place for saints, sages, yogis, and practitioners to complete their yoga teacher training in India.

Rishikesh is World’s Yoga Capital for a few more reasons.

Let’s have a quick look at them, one by one.

  1. It’s a sacred Home for many saints, sages, and reputed yoga masters. Several yoga gurus and spiritual leaders accomplished their yoga journey in Rishikesh. India’s famous yoga gurus – Guru Vashishtha, Adiguru Nilkantha, Swami Shivanand, Swami Dayanand Saraswati, Jatawale Baba, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Swami Sukhdevanand, and Swami Aatm Prakash have selected Rishikesh for their spiritual practices. That is why; this place offers the best yoga teacher training courses in India.
  2. It’s loaded with Spiritual energy. Rishikesh is located right on the bank of Indian River Ganga. It’s a sacred river of Hindus, which is believed to have spiritual energy to eliminate all types of skin diseases. If you take a bath in this holy water, the pure water will strengthen your spirit to another level.
  3. The growing number of yoga ashrams, retreat home, and yoga teacher training schools makes it a must-visit place for Indian and foreign travellers. Yogis and yoga gurus who have completed their yoga journey in Rishikesh mostly attained enlightenment at any part of the world; started their yoga learning institute in the tranquil atmosphere of Rishikesh. More than a thousand students flock together to learn and accomplish their dream in Rishikesh.
  4. Rishikesh is nestled with nature. It’s one of the holiest and most spiritual centres for thousands of years. Standing near the bluish banks of River Ganges and covered with lush-green Himalayan Mountains, surrounded by emerald jungles, hidden waterfalls, and pristine nature, Rishikesh provides the ideal landscape to practice yoga in complete isolation from the hustle and bustle of city life.
  5. It’s comfortable for international students to stay and travel around the city. Rishikesh is tourist-friendly and easy to travel. As a yoga capital of India, it attracts thousands of tourists from all around the world. According to Ministry of External Affairs, it’s easy to get visa for tours and travels in India for 30 days and more. You can get more information from the website.

You can travel to any part of the world to completing your dream. But, no other place on earth can guarantee you, complete transformation in life, as Rishikesh does. Join our yoga teacher training school in Rishikesh.

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Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Best Hacks For Traveling Smart In Holiday Season

If you love traveling, you may already be planning your next trip during the holiday season of 2019. With just a few months to go, now is the time to start planning. And believe it or not, there is so much that goes into planning that you will be pressed for time. Also, you would want to travel smart by saving money even while you have the best vacation of your life. What can you do to plan your vacation smartly? How can you holiday at your favorite destination without breaking the bank? Here are some hacks that can help you with traveling smart in the holiday season of 2019.

Decide your destination 

First things first, you need to decide your destination. While choosing the place you want to visit, you should consider your budget first. You cannot choose a destination in another part of the world if you don’t have enough funds. Also, pick a place on the basis of the number of days you can spare for the vacation. Once you decide the destination for the vacation, you are all set to start with the actual planning phase.

Book well in advance 

Since there are still a few months before the holiday season starts, it would be a wise move to book your tickets and accommodation. What’s more, you can also get some good offers and deals if you book early. Check and compare airfares online to find a deal that is really lucrative. You can also explore the hotels that come within your budget. Look for alternatives such as travel homes as well. Book an option that comes across as a good one. However, do go through the cancellation policy before making advance bookings.

Be flexible with the schedule

Holidays are often about chaos and confusion. Flights get delayed, hotels are overbooked and streets are crowded. These can cause a great deal of stress and inconvenience, particularly if you are traveling long distances. The best way to minimize stress while you travel during the holiday season would be by having a flexible schedule. Keep a buffer day or two so that you are not pressed for time and don’t end up missing on anything.

Get travel insurance 

When you are in a holiday mode, it is easy to forget about safety. Yet, you should never step out without travel insurance. It gives coverage against injuries and illness while you travel. So you must absolutely have travel insurance integrated into your holiday plan. If you already have insurance, check if it includes travel insurance as well. If not, you can opt for extra cover.

Create an itinerary 

The next step for planning a great holiday this year is to create an itinerary. Do research online about the attractions that your destination has to offer. Also, find out the best things to do in the city this 2019 holiday season. Almost every city in the world hosts special events and parties during the holidays. You can gather complete information online and create an itinerary to have a memorable vacation this season.

Pack according to the weather 

Another useful tip is to consider the weather of the destination when you plan a vacation during the holidays. It may be freezing back home but your winter stuff will not do if you plan a trip to a tropical beach destination. Again, you can find accurate information about the weather by researching online. Know the kind of weather that you can expect when you arrive there and pack accordingly. Also, make sure that you carry all the essentials such as medicines, chargers and anything else you would need.

Writing Tweaks That Will Turn You Into a Copywriting Master

To begin with, there’s a fun fact about copywriting. It is one skill that you can freely exhibit. It is always the best way of expressing your ideas. Yet no matter how good you are at writing articles and content, you can always improve your writing skills. So it is a dynamic skill that you can never achieve perfection in. You can set new benchmarks for improving your copywriting anytime. Writing is a skill that everyone has. It only needs to be developed, refined and improved.

Copywriting is a means of conveying written content through online media and printed materials. It is often aimed at increasing the awareness of people about a certain topic or product/brand. To be prolific in copywriting is no doubt a skillful task. But given the scope of improvisations that can be applied to writing skills, it is not an impossibility either. Here are some writing tweaks that can make you a master in copywriting.

1.Attractive headings and titles

Before anyone goes through your content, he/she has a go at the title. Make sure the title is catchy enough to grab the attention of the reader till the end of your article. Make it meaningful and objective as well.

2. Use some witty one-liners

Remember the elusive line “The name’s Bond. James Bond.”? Of course, you must! Use sentences in a single line that can express some serious thoughts without extensive description. This helps the readers be focussed on the topic.

3. Avoid longer sentences

Always try to keep your sentences short and brief. You definitely do not want to scare your reader away with boring long sentences that squeeze out the essence of your writing.

4. Emphasis on important statements

Whenever you are writing something super important, make sure the reader gets it to remember. Write the important sentences in bold or italics.

5.Focus on Relevance

It is important that you stay focused on your topic and not stray away from the subject matter. So make the titles as relevant as possible and the content as precise as possible.

6. Refer to the customer while writing a content

You already have an example of what I am doing in this sentence. Always try to refer to the intended person instead of referring to general people. By using ‘you’, you can keep the reader interested in your content. Just like I am doing right now.

7. Justify your statements

When you are explaining something about an issue/product, make it a point to justify why you are explaining that. This will raise the authenticity of your writings.

8.Judicious use of words

Always try to express your ideas and thoughts in as fewer words as possible. This keeps your writing afloat in the minds of the reader. Simultaneously ensure you don’t omit important points either.

9.Vocabulary and language content

The quality of your writing is dependent upon the vocabulary used and the type of language you use in it. It is always advisable to keep the language simple and the vocabulary not too complicated.

10. Reference to your personal views

While writing on a certain topic, mention your personal opinions about the topic. It helps negotiate better attention of the reader. It helps you add a genuine touch to your writing.

11. Address a customer query

This is an instinctive approach to address the issues a customer might face. This will help the reader relate to the problems easily and understand your point in a better way.

12. Give examples

Refer to the experiences of the people you have come across. Using real-life stories in your writing influences your readers positively.

13. A strong beginning

The first impression lasts long. This is the idea. So when you begin writing your article, use powerful and meaningful strong sentences.

14.  Include your personal experiences

A personal story makes your writing look more convincing and believable. So include your experiences whenever possible.

15. Refer a dictionary/Thesaurus

Quite often it is possible for you to use the same word repetitively. This decreases the quality.  To eliminate the possibilities of this, always keep a thesaurus or a dictionary beside you while writing.

16. Use subheadings

The use of Subheadings makes your writing more attractive and legible as well.


Try to give the reader a solution to a particular problem by giving suggestions. This adds to the seriousness of your writing.

18. Be reasonable

Always tend to be rational and provide appropriate reasons to the reader about your suggestions.

19. Focus on the reader’s views

Always go through the comments that readers have posted in response to your article. It will help you understand their mentality and enables you to address their problems easily.

20. Evaluate your writing

Before posting your article online, make sure you go through it to check for possible errors in it. Error-Free writing is always respected as far as copywriting is concerned.

21. Use different ideas to create a new idea

While you want to include an idea, you can also make use of other ideas and fuse them to create an entirely different idea. Starting the article with a moral story is one such idea.

22.Humour content

It is a good idea to humor the reader once in a while in your writing by including a light-hearted reference to a funny incident or a joke. It eases the reader if he is getting bored.

23.Healthy editing

No matter what you write, there are some redundant sentences that are not necessary to be mentioned. Edit your writings in such places without having a second thought.

24. Clichés are red flags

The use of clichés is a negative force in writing. If you want the force to be with your writing, then avoid phrases that do not mean anything significant.

25. Mention important points multiple times

Mentioning important points more than once allows the reader to grasp your ideas in his/her brain for a lasting period of time.

26. Ask tricky questions

Ask questions to the reader that will intrigue him. This keeps him excited about your writing in the next moments.

27. Smooth transitions

When you are shifting your point of discussion from one context to another, do not make it look forced and messy. Rather smoothen the transition by the use of phrases and sentences.

28. Avoid Jargon

It is best to avoid complicated titles that are difficult to understand. Rather use a title that can convey the same topic in a much simpler manner.

29. Channel your writing

If your writing is meant to be informative, then stick to providing information. The point is to give the readers what the topic says you will give. Do not diffuse the topic with stray aspects.

30. Enumerate information

If you are giving too many information in a paragraph, chances are it will become messy and confusing. In such cases, it is better to make a list of the information you intend to provide.

31. A thoughtful end

The best way to end an article is by keeping the reader on his toes about your conclusion. Make the reader think about what you concluded in the article by using a question.

32. Be in constant touch with writing

Write regularly. Make writing a habit. This is the best way to sharpen your copywriting skills.

33. End with a summary

Summarise your ideas and thoughts at the end with a paragraph. This will help the reader to understand the final aspect of your writing. This is the part where most of the reader’s queries about the article are answered.

Lastly, as I mentioned, Writing is highly evolving. It is a personalized means of expression of ideas. To be a master in writing skills, you have to master your ideas first. So if you want to be good at writing, it is you who will help you with that. Make your ideas crystal clear, and perfection will be yours.

Monday, 7 October 2019

Best yoga clothing brands for women

Comfort and yet stylish. Cool and trendy. Variety and color. Inspiring and appealing. Are these part of your ideal yoga trend that you would like to follow and go hand in hand with? 

It’s great to pick your favourite spots to add some new yoga and workout clothes to your list, but how about exploring and going beyond the conventional – as rightly said, “yoga is about going on a trial of new things and finding out the best that works for the individual practitioner.”

So, widen up your horizons as you go on your quest to attempt something that’s new and fresh. Getting the right fit, style and comfort while hunting for your perfect yoga pants, may ring a challenge. To make it an easier affair, take a look at these 5 best yoga clothing brands for women. You might discover a new interesting pair of leggings or a cool top that may appeal to you in the best way!


Enthused by the vibes of liveliness radiating in their hometown of New York City, fun and style are the elements that Alala aims to bring to the woman of today who portrays confidence and strength. Explore a range of sizes available on your choice from XS to XL exclusively for women. An added advantage features the option that lets you customise your choice of apparel by choosing your right size, colors etc.

-Beyond Yoga

Beyond Yoga spells out fun, and vibrance in their designs. Partnering with various designers such as Solly Baby and Kate Spade New York , the brand has a well fitting and bright collection to keep the yoga girl on the go!

-Carbon 38

Katie Warner Johnson and Caroline Gogolak – two dancers classically trained, happened to meet in a ballet class. They founded Carbon 38, with an aim to present products that meet the highest quality. To achieve this aim, they collaborated with a panel comprising of experts in the fitness and lifestyle genre who would get the products text-driven. Offering a wide range of sizes from XXS to L, this is yet another brand that will catch your eye in a giffy!

-Cory Vines

Offering an assortment of three wonderful variety : Neighborhood, Path, and Lane, Cory Vines caters to your workout needs with its pre- and post-workout collection. Quality, coupled with performance maximization of the product, is their focus. Women are offered a wide size range that stretches from XS to XL. The added advantage that you get as a customer of this brand, is that you are eligible for easy shipping and free returns.

-Pure Apparel

Attractive prints , amazing fabric and clean lines – Pure Apparel presents you a great choice of yoga apparel that you might not want to miss! The sizes for women range from 2 to 10.
So the next time, you step into your yoga mat, step in with style and comfort, as you don your new collection of branded yoga attire.

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Contact no. : +919760206223
Email Id:
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Exodus 8: A Refined and Reliable Kodi Add-On

In the world of raging digitalization, people are relying on several media to fulfill their entertainment needs. Whether it is YouTube or any social media sites, there is a plethora of software and applications that help users get in touch with the world and entertain themselves in many ways.

There are several media players that enable users to listen, watch, and enjoy different forms of media online. Kodi is one such open-source media player that is available on several operating systems. It was developed by XMBC foundation, a nonprofit technology consortium.

It is a multi-platform HTPC (Home Theatre PC) application that comprises of various features and plug-ins to improve its functionality. It enables users to stream online media content from different services such as Crackle, Pandora, Amazon Prime Instant Video, Rhapsody, Spotify, and YouTube.

Best Plug-ins of Kodi in September 2019

Kodi has sustained its performance as a reliable media player software with the help of its credible plug-ins. There are plenty of plug-ins that are used in Kodi software to make the user experience even more effective ad intuitive. Following are the top plug-ins of Kodi as in September 2019:-

Exodus 8

After being neglected by the developers, Exodus 8 has been adopted by the current developers, i.e., Kodi Bae. Exodus 8 is quite similar to its previous version with some tweaks here and there. It comes with a filtering option to choose from the movies and TV shows. Apart from the Trakt integration, Exodus 8 focuses on what’s on-air on popular TV channels.


Though everyone hopes that Exodus 8 is here to stay for a while, it is always better to have an alternative. That’s when Tempest comes into action. This incredible add-on can be used to stream movies and TV shows, along with integrating different movie tracking services.

The Magic Dragon

The Magic Dragon is yet another great Kodi add-on that plays an important role in making things easier for the users. It comprises a wide range of media content, including movies, TV shows, sports, and even radio channels. It is a third party dependent add-on that will make you rely on a working link always.

Movie Theater Butter

A clone for Exodus 8, Movie Theater Butter streams online movies and TV shows. Both add-ons have similar features. The only difference that sets them apart is that Movie Theater Butter finds you the best stream and automatically plays it instead of listing dozens of links.


Loki has been a consistent Kodi add-on since last one year. It faced several severe issues when it was first brought into Kodi world. However, developers have dedicated their time and efforts to improve its functionality for the users. Loki has filtered categories of movies, TV shows, cartoons, sports, etc., from where you can select your stream.

Nole Cinema

Nole Cinema has been introduced from the last two years, and gradually it is expanding the library as well. As the name suggests, Nole Cinema is all about movies that majorly comprises of mainstream Hollywood movies as well as some International picks.

What is Exodus 8?

Exodus 8 is a popular Kodi add-on that has enables users to stream videos online without any hassle. The reason behind its raging popularity among Kodi users is its vast collection in the library.

Is Exodus 8 Legal?

It depends on different regions to decide whether it is legal to use Exodus 8. Countries like UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, and France have made it illegal to stream videos from pirated sites. There are several movies, and TV shows listed on Exodus belong to such illegal sites that make Exodus 8 illegal in these countries. Users can either stop using Exodus or seek assistance from VPN to encrypt internet traffic and safely use the Kodi add-on.

Is Exodus 8 Safe?

When it comes to online safety, it is essential to keep you Kodi secure. It is advised not to spam Kodi with add-ons as it can be hazardous just like viruses. Exodus 8 is pretty safe to use from the online safety’s perspective. Exodus add-on has rolled back its malicious code that was inserted in its February 207 update.

Steps To Install Exodus 8 Kodi Add-on

  • Go to System Settings icon on Kodi software.
  • Search for File Manager and click on Add Source.
  • Click when it shows None and enter the path location of Exodus 8 add-on.
  • Double-check for any errors and click Ok.
  • Go to the main menu of the app and click on add-ons
  • Select Add-on Packager installer.
  • Search for the zip file and click install. A popup box will be opened, click on Transform from the menu and click Repos.
  • A drop down will appear. Search and click
  • A pop up will appear on the top right side of the screen saying “Kodi bae Repository Installed.”
  • Go to Install from Repository and click on Kodi Bae Repository.
  • Click on Video add-ons and search Exodus.
  • Once you find Exodus, click Install.

There are plenty of media player software and apps in the market that has been doing a great job providing a seamless way for users to stream online videos. Kosi has given an immense contribution as an open-source media player that uses several add-ons to make the user experience flawless.

Exodus 8 is one such add-on that comprises of a wide range of movies, and TV shows collection in its library. After being abandoned by the developers, Exodus 8 emerged into reality as a reliable Kodi add-on preferred by users all over the globe.

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