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Thursday, 5 December 2019

The Benefits of Yoga to Your Mental Health

Everybody knows yoga practice has so many health benefits to our bodies. Not only does practicing yoga provides physiological benefits to the body, but it also provides mental health benefits. Just as yoga helps us to stay fit, it also helps us to have a good state of mind. Negative emotions such as depression, anxiety, stress, and anger have taken a toll on our lives. However, by practicing yoga, we are able to overcome these issues easily. Our minds will be nurtured so that we will have a healthy mental state. As a result of being mentally healthy, you can live a good life since you are able to enjoy every second and you can cope with difficult times in your life. Here are a few health benefits that yoga can provide:
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Yoga helps to create self-awareness

A regular yoga practice will help you become aware of your body. This will help you to understand yourself better and help treat yourself in a more friendly way. You will also be able to adopt a healthy lifestyle since you care more about your body. When you are aware of yourself, you gain that confidence to tackle every hard situation without doubting yourself. In fact, you are the most responsible for your actions or choices.

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Yoga helps you have a healthy relationship with your partner

Studies have shown that yoga helps with cultivating a good relationship. Meditation and breathing techniques that are performed in yoga help to calm your mind leaving you in peace. When you are at peace with yourself, you will also be able to relate better to your partner. You will be more inclined to treat your partner with compassion and show him or her unconditional love. Moreover, being peaceful, you are likely to become less defensive, less judgmental, or reactive to your partner. Therefore, you will listen to each other’s views and respect your decisions more carefully. This will make your relationship healthy and strong.

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Yoga creates a good rapport with your family members

Practicing yoga leaves you less depressed, anxious and stressed. This helps you to behave in a more relaxed, happy and less reactive way to others. When you are at peace with yourself, you are able to view life from a different perspective. For example, when it comes to family matters, you will be able to handle your family with the correct involvement. You will be more patient trying to understand each member of your family regardless of their different personalities. When your family is affected by disputes, you can intervene and help solve them amicably. Your emotional strength achieved by practicing yoga will also enable you to show love and compassion to every member of your family.
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Yoga helps to calm your nervous system

The sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic nervous system work together to help you respond and cope with daily life. When your body is subjected to tension and stress, it is naturally set to release adrenaline, which prepares the body for flight or fight. In this state, the mind will not be at ease, however, yoga practice helps to calm the mind and offset the stress and anxiety in the body. This can be achieved through a regular practice of yoga pranayama combined with yoga asana and meditation.
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Yoga helps us to be aware of our weaknesses

We all have qualities that define our personalities and make us unique. However, we also have a few qualities, which we tend to hide because they portray us in a different manner. For example, sometimes we experience anger, hatred, or even egocentrism. These feelings can affect our psychological well-being and that is why yoga becomes very important if practiced regularly. Body postures such as backbends make you more relaxed releasing emotional tension and stiffness. This effect is felt inside our bodies and in time helps to keep our mental health in check.

In conclusion, yoga is essential to our mental well-being. Hence, we should try to practice yoga as much as possible to keep our mental state in good health.

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

How to Stop Caring What People Think and Focus on Your Needs

How to stop caring what people think of you, such a causal topic for a breezy Tuesday afternoon. To completely change how you have spent your whole life thinking isn’t easy, we are programmed to want to help, to be considerate and to gain validation from others. To stop caring what people think of you is to go against years of evolutionary training and social upbringing.

Why do we care about what others think?

There are many reasons we care about what people think of us but, I am going to start with the basics: Biology.

We are programmed to seek validation, approval and inclusion into our tribes. It is a survival instinct. Humans are pack animals, we hunt and live together for survival. So back in our caveman days, keeping in with the tribe was important because if the tribe rejects you, you are thrown out into the wilderness to face the elements and soon after, death.

But as our societies progressed to be more complex and our tribes to be much larger with better communication skills so that we could change tribes relatively safely, it became a question of pride, ego and social validation. It became less about our avoiding death and more about gaining status to a better lifestyle.

The more popular we are, the more likely we are to succeed because people are more willing to help us on our journeys. This applies to positive and negative popularity, you can inspire by fear or by kindness and it reaches the same outcome.

So how do you just stop caring what people think for the better? Since it is so hard wired into us, how do we just stop?

It is possible to do and to do it without being a psychopath but we don’t just stop one day. It isn’t a decision to just stop and then POOF, we don’t care anymore. It isn’t just a one step “Oh just stop thinking” either, it is a process of reprogramming your mind.

To stop caring about what people think of you requires you face your inner demons, take back control of your subconscious thoughts, take a look at who you are and learn a few vital lessons.

1. What People Think of You Is a Reflection on Them and Not on You

We all see the world through our own perspective and perceptions. Have you ever heard the tale of “people normally hate in others what they hate in themselves”, this couldn’t be more true.

For example, if you were to cast a negative judgement on someone because they liked to lie and tell grandiose exaggerated stories. That judgement is a reflection on your dislike for lying than it is a reflection on the person telling the story. The story could easily been perceived as entertaining to someone else, you just perceive it negatively based on your own perspective.

Equally, this is flipped. If someone doesn’t like you for a quality you have, that is a reflection on them. For example, if someone judges you negatively because you like to buy expensive watches. That is a reflection on their mindset and set of values rather than you.

When people are negatively judging you, they are saying more about themselves than they are about you. Most of the time, it isn’t even about you but redirected aggression from another area of their life and you just happen to be an outlet.

2. You Can’t Please Everyone

The more popular we are, the safer we feel in a community. We fear rejection as an evolutionary trait because to be rejected by the tribe was to be outcast and die at the hands of the elements and lions. But we have long since evolved since then, and people have gotten more complex with every passing generation. People are so diverse and pleasing absolutely everyone is an impossibility.

Take Beyonce for an example, people love Beyonce but not everyone does. Not because Beyonce has or hasn’t done anything but because she’s just not their cup of tea and that is fine. So stop trying to please everyone because you can’t, which leads us to the next lesson.

3. Be Your Authentic Self

Since it doesn’t matter what people think of you because it’s a reflection of what they think and not about you, and you can’t please everyone, you might as well be your Authentic Self.

We hear that phrase thrown around a lot lately but here is the run down. Your authentic self is the person you want to be if you had no one to please or impress. Your authentic self is the person who speaks their truth, not the doctored truth to keep the peace, says the things you really think and believe in. Your authentic self is the person you hide from the world because you are deathly afraid they will reject you.

If you embrace your authentic self and start turning up as that everyday, people will reject, people will not like you. But people will also love you, they may be new and different people, but they will love you and most importantly of all, you will love you because you are living your truth.

4. Are People Even Paying Attention to You at All?

People are selfish, we spend a lot of time worried what people think of us but most of the time, they think something, forget about it and move on. They are barely paying attention to why they are thinking that, let alone the small judgement they just made.

Most people are made up of recycled ideas they were taught from people they respected growing up, their parents, teachers, the cool kids at school. Take a moment to take in the fact that you are the most important person in your life, not in theirs.

5. Listen to Your Judgements

I think one of the main reasons we are all so concerned with what people think of us is because we are surrounded by negative media always objectifying and criticizing anything and anyone. No one and nothing is safe from the unrelenting cruelty of the media.

As a result, we are programmed to make similar judgements because it is the main input of information in our lives and we want to go with the crowd and nothing screams conform to society like news outlets.

Because we make these mean and cruel internal judgements that we apply to people, we assume other people are doing the same, which they are and as a result, we are all comparing each other to the impossible standard. We feel miserable, depressed and unworthy because we think everyone thinks we aren’t good enough but the problem starts with us.

We also think these thoughts of other people, to begin the process of change you have to stop the unnecessary judgements on other people. Their bodies, their choices, their fashion accessories.

Take responsibility for your internal talk and when a pre programmed negative judgement like “Oh that person is so fat, they should go to the gym”, you correct yourself because…

6. It Is None of Your Darn Business!

You see the world through your own perceptions but your perceptions aren’t truth. They are your truth but they aren’t everyone’s truth. You can see a curvy person in the street but that doesn’t mean they don’t go to the gym. That judgement might be a reflection of your insecurity about the lack of time you spend in the gym.

Humans are curious and I dare say it, nosy. We are nosy and we need to keep our noses in our own business, sorting out our own mindsets rather than happily getting into other peoples business and telling them out to live their lives.

7. This is Your Life, Yours!

No one has walked in your shoes, no one has seen what you have seen. You aren’t comparable to anyone, so stop comparing yourself to others.

If you find yourself thinking, “oh this person is better than me or this person has suffered more than me therefore I should be something else” STOP. You don’t have to be anything but yourself and no one compares to you. When you do find yourself comparing, remind yourself that you don’t compare.

8. Rewire Your Brain for Positive Thinking

We all overthink and it is easier to think negatively than it is to think positively. Start catching yourself when you start to overthink and imagining the worst scenarios.

I know you think you are protecting yourself so you won’t be blindsided but, it doesn’t help anyone because honestly, most of the time it doesn’t even happen. You just sit torturing yourself.

If you think something is really wrong, you will know in your gut; and if your gut says so, go deal with it immediately, don’t sit and over think it. Handle it.

9. Focus on Your Needs

By cutting out all of the internal negativity, you have the opportunity to start focusing on your needs — who you are and what you need and connecting with you authentic self.

To start focusing on your needs, take back control of your life. Having been living life to please people isn’t your fault, we are raised wanting to please our parents so we received rewards. Pleasing people gives you rewards in the form of love, compliments, toys and food.

But now, it is time to focus on what rewards you want from life and you can’t find them in another person. You are the one who has to provide the love for yourself, compliment yourself, buy yourself nice things and feed yourself good foods. We always want to be taken care of because it is safe but, it is time to take care of yourself now. I assure you, once you get used to it, you will feel safe.

Start by focusing on what you need in your life. This doesn’t just mean what you need emotionally, it also means spiritually, financially, house decorially. What is it that you need to work on to make you feel safe and complete?

Start Working Out What Your Needs

I will start with 5 things you can do to start working out what your needs are:

1. What things do you value most in your life?

Is it family? Is it honesty? Is it success? Find what you value, make a top 5 list so you know what you want to focus on in your life.

2. Spend time with people that like your authentic self.

People who know who you are and what you really want, they can offer great judgement free reflections.

Remove anyone in your life who makes you feel ugh, you don’t have to be around them and it only brings you down. (In regards to bosses and colleagues, please refer to my other article on how to deal with them)

3. Clear up your environment.

As I mentioned earlier with the media bombardment of negativity, your input into your life greatly affects you.

Cut out the negativity or anything that makes you feel worthless, and surround yourself with things that make you feel safe and abundant. Throw out all that clutter that brings you down, block all those  people that trigger your insecurities and focus on you.

4. Quit social media for a moment.

We spend all day scrolling looking at other people’s amazing achievements and in our heads, we assume everyone is doing better than we are.

Until you feel a little more secure, stop the comparison train at the source and pick up a book or start a new tv show instead. When you feel ready to come back, delete all of the people who bring you down or trigger you to feel insecure. Make sure your feeds are filled with nothing but positivity and productivity. Putting yourself down is a waste of everyone’s time.

5. Stop this internal nonsense that you aren’t good enough.

If you are struggling with it, you need to find a way to correct yourself, learn how to deal with these kinds of thoughts.

You can try affirmations, meditations or one of the many options available to you if you just took a moment to look, instead of scrolling on instagram, comparing yourself to photoshopped models or successful entrepreneurs.

Working the Night Shift? Your Guide to Getting Enough Sleep

While most people are getting ready for bed, others are heading out the door for work. Not everyone is on a typical 9-to-5 schedule; according to the American Psychological Association, about 15 million Americans are on the clock for the night shift. Nurses, doctors, factory workers, and even employees in creative fields like radio and television are often hustling before the sun comes up.

Working while the rest of the world is dozing off presents some unique challenges because this routine conflicts with the body’s natural circadian rhythm. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get quality sleep when you return home from your shift. Here’s how to create a cozy sleep environment and enjoy eight hours of sleep, even if you’re working from sunset to sunrise.

Have a Good Mattress 

First things first, you need a quality mattress to ensure that you can always get a good night’s sleep. According to the American Chiropractic Association, sleeping on an older mattress, or a mattress that isn’t suited to your sleep style, can tweak your spine out of alignment, resulting in aches, pains, and inflammation. Furthermore, if you already struggle with back pain, sleeping on the wrong mattress can make it worse.

If it’s time to purchase a new mattress, consider your usual sleep style, your body type, and what makes you feel most comfortable. Are you a side sleeper? Consider a hybrid bed to get the support you need to alleviate back pain. For heavier individuals, an innerspring mattress could be a good choice. And if you sleep on your back, try a moderately firm mattress for maximum comfort.

Aim for Consistency

Even if your schedule doesn’t quite line up with everyone else’s, you can maintain a healthy sleep routine by working consistent shifts. If possible, discuss your schedule with your manager and arrange it so that you can wake up and go to bed around the same time each day. Your body will adjust to this sleep-wake cycle, and you’ll feel more alert and energized at work.

Go Easy on Caffeine

You may find that you need a quick pick-me-up before your shift. To prevent drowsiness, a caffeinated beverage like coffee or green tea can do the trick. However, relying on caffeine to keep you awake throughout your shift can backfire.

Caffeine can stay in your system for four to eight hours after consumption, and if you chug a cup of coffee to get through the end of your shift, you might still be wired by the time your head hits the pillow. Caffeine can be a lifesaver for shift workers, but it’s best to cut yourself off a couple of hours before you head home.

Limit Screen Time

Once your shift ends, it’s time to put away any devices with screens that emit blue light, like your laptop or smartphone. This is because blue light disrupts the production of melatonin in the body.

Melatonin, also known as the “sleep hormone,” is released as it gets darker outside, making you feel sleepy at the end of the day. Blue light sends the signal to your brain that you need to stay awake. Looking at screens before bed makes it harder to fall asleep, and insufficient melatonin production can leave you tossing and turning.

If you still find it hard to sleep even after limiting your screen time, you can also try melatonin supplements. These supplements can help in a pinch, but it’s best not to become reliant on them.

Turn Down the Lights

Light coming into your bedroom from the rising sun outside can make it hard to get enough shut-eye after your shift. Invest in blackout curtains to keep the sunlight from streaming in and keeping you awake. You can also slip on a sleep mask. In addition, it doesn’t hurt to cover up the light from any electronic devices in your room.

Even if you’re on the opposite schedule of most of the workforce, you don’t have to run on empty. Shift work can be exhausting, but with the right approach to sleep hygiene, you can show up to work feeling refreshed and productive.

Add Yoga or Meditation to Your Routine

Particularly if you have a hard time winding down after your work shift, these practices can do wonders to bring your mind and body back into balance and ready for bed. There are styles of yoga designed to give you better sleep. Explore different meditation, breathing, and yoga techniques until you find ones you like, that help you get those important 8 hours of sleep. 

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Welcome to the Future: SEO Trends for 2020

Search Engine Optimization may be a young discipline relative to other marketing fields but it’s evolving so fast. While the basic underlying principle is the same; SEO today looks almost nothing like when it first started. SEO strategies change so incredibly fast that what was relevant a year from now will probably not be relevant anymore in the coming months. 

In a few weeks, the new year will be upon us; and what better way to welcome the new era than to count down the top SEO Trends for 2020. Let’s begin.

SEO Trends for 2020

1. Voice Search - Welcome to the future where no one wants to type their queries anymore. Google data show that 20% of all searches are voice searches. By 2020, that number could be as high as 50%. Websites that are voice-optimized will generate more organic traffic. 

2. Snippets - Position 1 is no longer the goal. Now, Position 0 is the place to be. The goal is to provide clear enough answers to commonly asked questions so it will be featured in a box on top of the first result. More than half of clicks from Google come from Snippets so it’s no wonder that it’s one of the top SEO trends for 2020.    

3. Mobile Optimization – We have been living in the mobile era for many years now so if a website still does not have a mobile version; that’s just blatantly ignoring what the market demands. Mobile UX is a top SEO trend in Australia and all over the world. 

4. Optimizing for Intent – Google has evolved from exact-keyword matching to search intent analysis. If that sounds like super nerd stuff, it’s actually not. For instance, a user types in SEO agency in Bondi, Google will also offer other digital marketing or web development services as well as other locations that the user might be interested in. For instance, the search results can include SEO services in India, which is only a few miles away.  

5. Artificial Intelligence – AI is one of the hottest trends today. It’s already being used in a number of industries. The beauty of AI is that is gives users a unique, easy, and customized experience. AI has become the new standard within the algorithms of search engines. 

6. Content Collaboration – There is an old adage that Content is king in SEO. While it’s true that constantly and continually coming up with high quality content can be challenging. Nevertheless, this opens up the possibility of content collaboration and working with others to co-create content. This in turn gives a website benefits like trust, shares, and natural backlinks. 

7. Influencers in SEO – A recent report from Forbes magazine shows that while millennials hate ads, 57% of them will view sponsored contents when these feature authentic people (i.e. Influencers). It’s no wonder that digital marketing experts invest in influencer marketing. Influencers are poised to be leveraged for search engine optimization. 

SEO is growing up so fast and it’s exciting to watch it evolve. These SEO Trends for 2020 will give you an idea of what the discipline will look like and help you prepare for what’s coming.

Monday, 2 December 2019

Stress Management with Ayurveda

Stress in medical terms is defined as abnormal reactions produced in a person’s mind which disturbs his or her mental balance. Basically, stress is considered a normal part of life which brings emotional, physical as well as mental changes. Any person can experience it from his or her body, from his or her thoughts, and from his or her surroundings.

Stress in Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, Stress is defined as a disturbance in the nervous system that is mainly regulated by Vata dosha. A proper understanding of Dosha can clarify the major reason behind the Stress. Stress can be caused due to any type of Emotional or Physical Situation. Any vitiation in any sub doshas may also cause Stress.

Types of Stress

Basically, Stress is of three different types:

1. Acute Stress:

The most common type of stress is Acute Stress. Acute Stress is defined as an immediate reaction of the body to new demand and challenge which triggers a person’s fight-or-flight response. This biological response is usually turned on immediately after an argument with a friend or family member or after an accident. However, research indicated that such stress might be healthy for a person because it develops the best response to stressful situations that may happen in the future. Any individual who is a victim of any life-threatening situation may also suffer from this disorder.

2. Episodic acute stress:

When the first type of Stress happens two or more times in a short period of time then that Stress is called Episodic Acute Stress. People who are suffering from the crisis are at high risk of this type of stress. Such individuals often become Irritable, Anxious as well as Short-tempered. Any medical disorder for a very long time can also cause Episodic Acute Stress. Individuals with this type of Stress believe that stress is a permanent part of their lives and without it their life is impossible.

3. Chronic stress:

If any of the above-mentioned Stress remains in a person for a very long time then that type of stress becomes Chronic. This type of Stress is constant and mainly occurs due to a Bad Job, Poverty or An Unhappy relationship. Moreover, chronic stress can also cause various types of serious disorders like Heart disease, Lung Disease such as Cirrhosis of the Liver.

This type of disorder is not communicable but family history can play a very important role in its diagnosis because research has found that genetics plays an important role behind the occurrence of Stress.

Causes of Stress

There are many causes behind the stress and few of them are written as follows:

  • Financial and Social Problems
  • Mental or Physical illness
  • Family History
  • Family Discord

Signs and Symptoms of Stress

During its initial stages, stress affects a person’s emotions and brings many psychological symptoms such as Nervousness, Distraction, Anxiousness, Variation in sleeping patterns and Internal pressure. If these symptoms remain in a person for a long time then the person may become Angry, Self-Absorbed, Distracted and Nervous, etc. In addition to the above symptoms, a person may also experience some physical symptoms also such as Depression, Excessive fatigue, Headaches, Diarrhea, Pain in Chest, Shortness of Breath, Restlessness, Vomiting, and Nausea.

Diagnosis of Stress

If any of the above-mentioned symptoms are observed in a person then he or she must visit a doctor. Then the doctor will ask him or her about the history of the disorder. A doctor can also ask questions about family history. From the answers of the patients, the doctor will rule out some possible causes such as adverse effects of medications, health problems, drug abuse, and other psychiatric diseases.

Ayurvedic treatment of Stress

It is often seen that doctors suggest different kinds of steroids to the people who are suffering from any type of stress. These steroids tend to effective but when a person stops the intake of steroids then they produce different types of side effects and sometimes these side effects also cause some life-threatening disorders such as depression etc. But there’s no need for worry stress can be easily treated with the help of Ayurvedic medicines.

Planet Ayurveda is an organization that provides best and effective herbal remedy for Stress such as Ashwagandha Capsules, Stress Support, Medhya Churna as well as Brahmi Capsules for the permanent management of the stress. These natural remedies are prepared with the help of best quality herbs under the strict surveillance of Ayurvedic doctors who strictly follow the principles of Ayurveda. These remedies are 100% Authentic, Pure, as well as Vegetarian and do not contain any Additives, Preservatives as well as Chemicals. These are safe and does not produce any side effects in the body.

1. Ashwagandha Capsules:

These capsules are prepared from the pure, natural and standardized extract of Ashwagandha herb which is a well-known stress buster across the globe. Thus these capsules by Planet Ayurveda are the amazing and effective herbal formulation for the management of stress. These capsules also strengthen the nervous system. These capsules can easily manage the symptoms of stress such as insomnia and overthinking.

Dosage:1 to 2 capsules two times a day after meals with plain water.

2. Stress support:

This formulation is available in the form of capsules and is prepared from three effective herbs such as Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri), Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) and Tagar (Valeriana wallichii). All the above-mentioned herbs are very effective in the management of stress. These herbs increase the physical as well as the mental performance of the body.

Dosage:2 capsules two times a day after meals with plain water.

3. Brahmi capsules:

Brahmi capsules are prepared from the natural and pure extracts of the Brahmi herb (Bacopa monnieri). This wonderful and effective formulation manages different types of neurological problems. It also manages the major symptoms of stress such as Insomnia, Anxiety, Lack of Concentration and Loneliness, etc.

Dosage: 1 capsule two times a day after meals with plain water.

4. Medhya churna:

This powder is a wonderful blend of different types of herbs such as Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), Shwet jeerak (Cuminum cyminum), Vacha (Acorus calamus), Ajmoda (Carum roxburghianum), Pipali (Piper longum), Marich (Piper nigrum), Sonth (Zingiber officinale), Patha (Cissampelos pareira), Krishna jeerak (Carum carvi), Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri) and Shankhpushpi (Convolvulus pluricaulis). This effective power easily improves the function of the nervous system and treat the major symptoms of stress.

DOSAGE:1 pinch or 1 gram powder two times a day.

Dietary Guidelines

  • Eat Almonds and Walnuts etc.
  • Eat more Green Vegetables.
  • Avoid Drinking and Smoking.
  • Avoid Fast food.


Q. Is ashwagandha effective against Stress?
A. Yes, its mind-calming property is very effective against Stress.
Q. How does stress affect a person?
A. Stress can cause Insomnia, Anxiety as well as Depression.
Q. Different Types of Stress?
A. Stress is of three different types such as Acute, Episodic Acute and Chronic Stress.

Sunday, 1 December 2019

Camps in Kanatal

When the Monday blues tag along, we all long and wait for those TGIF moments again and again. The wonderful feeling that seeps into our minds with the Friday nights after those long and hectic workdays is simply unmatched! The weekend that follows lets us a great break from our stress and provides us the much needed refreshment and relaxation and this feeling is one that we wish to make it last on and on. Though it lasts till the weekend only! However life does bring with it consolation as the weekends keep continuing to come and sometimes you get the opportunity to convert them into really long ones and into an extended vacation like this Christmas season! So make sure you make the best use of your vacation . And camping in Kanatal is just one of those ways to achieve it !   

Best time to visit Kanatal

Although Kanatal is a destination that has camping throughout the year , it looks its best during the winters between the months of December and January.  Avoid the monsoons in Kanatal as this time of the year may pose many risks on account of the unfavourable weather conditions along with recurrent mountain landslides, thereby making the entire visit a difficult one. So it is best to avoid Kanatal  during the wet season.

Kanatal in the Winters  (October - March)

During the months of October to February , Kanatal may see temperatures ranging from one degree Celcius to fifteen degrees ! So make sure you carry your woollens and thick clothes as these become an absolute necessity when you visit the place in winters.  And this time of the year is also a great opportunity to   reinvent fairy tale as you will be able to see the snow and the entire town like a white painted picture as the thick snow engulfs it.  Does that sound exciting ? Then do visit Kanatal once and you will want to visit it again and again!

Camping in Kanatal – why you will simply love it !

Some  promising reasons : 
  • The location:  far away from the hustle and bustle of the city within the lovely woods of oaks, pines, rhododendron and deodar.
  • Adventure activities:  rock climbing, rapelling,  river crossing, valley crossing  to name a few and more to keep the adrenalin rush as you enjoy yourself thoroughly 
  • Amazing camps: comfortable and cozy tents offered by camps in Kanatal with the basic amenties to luxury camps to suit your tastes and preferences.
  • Great landscape: the mesmerising views of the breathtaking landscape of Kanatal will win over your heart and mind 
  • Camp Little Jaguar: the best camp in Kanatal ever, Camp Little jaguar welcomes families, corporate and schools and endeavours to make their stay as comfortable as possible with its well set 15 Swiss tents, playground area for kids, and much more.

So plan a great surprise this winter season for your family and friends as you take them to the beautiful mountains of Kanatal- a delight they will surely be pleased to remember coupled with excitement as they enjoy the wonderful experience of camping in Kanatal.

Saturday, 30 November 2019

Ten Healthy Oolong Tea Benefits You Probably Didn’t Know

Tea can be classified into many types, but one of the well-known traditional Chinese tea is known as the Oolong tea, which is prepared by a special process. It involves making the plant wilt under the sun. The process of oxidation is applied so that the flavor, chemical composition and appearance of leaves differ from the normal one. The oxidation process can vary the natural components from 8 to 85 percent as per the specifications of the type.

Types Of Oolong Tea

The types of oolong tea differ in flavors. Some of them are known for their roasted aromas while others for bouquet aromas. Few popular types of Oolong teas are as follows:

  • Iron Buddha (Tie Guan Yin)
  • Big Red Robe (Da Hong Pao)
  • Dan Cong Tea, and
  • Ali Shan

Apart from a great history, did you know that Oolong tea possesses multiple medicinal components and health benefits? Yes, this is true. Hence, to make you aware of them, we have done a deep research and came up with this post.

When changed to The English language, the name ‘oolong tea’ means ‘black dragon tea.’ The tea is mostly derived from the plant Camellia Sinensis. Flavonoids in the form of polyphenols are abundant in oolong plant when ingested in the form of tea; it is good for health. You would be surprised to hear that all the tea comes from the same tea plant, but the only difference lies in oxidation. The processing part is something that makes every tea different.

Why Should You Drink Oolong Tea?

Oolong tea is one of the most preferred teas in the countries of Taiwan and China. As one of the most popular and traditional types of tea, oolong is known to provide robust health benefits.

The leaves contain caffeine and catechin which have the ability to ward off free radicals. Oolong is used for its numerous healing properties and can be found in most grocery stores. Here are some of oolong tea’s healing properties.

Oolong can help in the following ailments:

  • Tooth decay
  • Cancer prevention
  • Heart problems
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Eczema (skin allergies)
  • Boosting the immune system, and
  • Osteoporosis

Nutritional Value of Oolong Tea

According to the Tea Association of United States, Oolong tea falls in the middle of black and green teas. Similar to any normal tea, this tea is also rich in vitamins and minerals such as zinc, carotin, copper, selenium, potassium, calcium. When looking at vitamins, it has A, C, K, E and B. The additional beneficial components are niacinamide, folic acid and other alkaloids, which can detoxify free radicals. Similarly, it also protects against stroke, atherosclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and neurodegeneration. Many of the polyphenol components of oolong tea are flavonoids known as catechins.

Top 10 Oolong Tea Health Benefits

The various health benefits of oolong tea are as follows:

1. Weight Management/Promotion of Metabolism

The polyphenol components can control the metabolism of the body. Specific enzymes are activated and can reduce the unwanted fat. The mentioned components block enzymes which have the ability to build fat, provided you follow the natural way of dieting instead of stacking your tummy with artificial additives and sweeteners. According to the Journal of Nutrition (September 2014), this statement can hold true although scientific research is still going on.

The major way you can reduce obesity are by boosting the metabolism, prevent the major absorption of nutrients such as in fats and carbohydrates. The magical component is not only caffeine but also EGCG, the catechin in tea which can increase oxidation of fats. You can know more by clicking this link.

2. Promotes Healthy Skin

The polyphenols present in the tea also work as anti-allergenic substances. Thereby, getting relief from chronic skin and irritation problems, known by the name, atopic dermatitis.

3. Stress Management

The magical component is L-theanine, which performs the role of a stress buster. It blocks L-glutamic acid from getting attached to glutamate receptors in areas of the brain. If attached, there will be negative consequences such as neural stress responses and cognitive activity. On the other hand, the same amino acid binds to the sites and excitation will not occur; your mind will be relaxed and at rest. 

4. Controls Diabetes

If Oolong tea is consumed on a daily basis, it reduces plasma glucose in the cases of type 2 diabetic patients. Usually, diabetes tests are conducted twice (once, before having food and next, after having food). It is done because some persons’ plasma glucose levels increase when they consume food.

5. Has Anti-cancer Properties

The polyphenols behave as anti-cancerous compounds and eliminate agents before they can cause harm. The Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG), epigallocatechin, EGC; epicatechin gallate, ECG have antioxidant activity that prevents the cancer cells from causing harm.

6. Keeps Your Bones Strong & Healthy

It has been found that Oolong tea can promote bone mineral density (BMD). Persons who consumed tea for long periods of time had better bone density than the individuals, who did not. Some of the medicinal components in tea can make the enzymes in the stomach absorb more minerals from the food we consume.

7. Boosts Immunity

The flavonoids in the oolong tea prevents cell damage, build the immune system and supports body function. It increases the bad-bacterial resistance in the body and fights infections well. Some studies claim that oolong tea also helps retain essential nutrients in our body.

8. Improves Brain-Function

Some studies claim that oolong tea has the ability to improve brain-function and prevents Alzheimer’s. The component in the tea triggers good-hormones like dopamine and norepinephrine which are great stress-busters. The ‘Theanine’ found in oolong tea helps boost attention, relieves anxiety and Polyphenols present gives a calming effect.

9. Good for Hair

There’s no strong backing for this claim but some say that oolong tea prevents hair loss, when used in washing it improves the tresses shine and makes them strong.

10. Aids Digestion

There’s not strong backing for this claim too. But people claim that oolong tea will help relieve stuffiness after heavy meal and promotes quick digestion.

How Does It Work?

The caffeine content in oolong tea stimulates the central nervous system (CNS) and the entire body. The components making the mark are theobromine and theophylline, having similar structures to caffeine. Oolong tea can prevent ovarian cancer. Although scientific research is still going on, women partaking oolong tea regularly have been known to have a low risk of ovarian cancer.

A Few Word of Caution

Since Oolong tea contains large amounts of caffeine, persons with allergies or suffering from indigestion can face symptoms such as anxiety, headaches, diarrhea, confusion, irregular heartbeat, heartburn, and sleeplessness.

In the case of more complicated situations such as surgery, refrain from taking this tea, as it could lead to complications such as irritable bowel syndrome, high blood pressure, and anxiety. Drinking more than the prescribed dose can eliminate the calcium in your body. Persons suffering from osteoporosis have to seek the guidance of a doctor before taking this medicine.

Friday, 29 November 2019

Remove These 6 Foods to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Even though healthy teeth are a direct product of regular and appropriate dental care, as well as of eating food that makes them stronger, there are types of foods you should avoid as much as possible. They are the ones that can lead to enamel and tooth decay if you go overboard with them.

Careful with citrus intake

Lemons, oranges, and grapefruits are rich with vitamin C and very tasty, too, regardless of whether you eat them or make juice out of them. However, their acid content is quite high, meaning they could erode the enamel of your teeth over time.

Even if you squeeze a lemon into a glass of water to add a bit of flavor, it will still count as an acidic drink. What’s more, citric juices and fruits can even lead to mouth sores.

It’s important to drink plenty of water or at least rinse with water after you’ve eaten or drunk citrus fruit. The research showed that out of the three commonly used citrus fruits, orange juice causes the least damage to the teeth, while lemon juice caused the most severe damage to the teeth. The research was done in 4 weeks, but the damage was already visible. So, it’s best to limit the intake of citrus fruit.


It’s no secret that alcohol is not particularly healthy for us but did you know that it also dries out your mouth? It means that, when you drink alcohol, your mouth lacks saliva, which is necessary for keeping the teeth healthy.

More precisely, it washes away the food particles and makes sure they don’t stick between your teeth. Saliva can even repair some of the early signs of gum disease, tooth decay, and certain infections. If you drink alcohol too often, your saliva production will decrease over time, leading to dehydration and possible tooth decay. It’s important to drink plenty of water even while you’re drinking alcohol.

With that being said, red wine is the type of alcohol you need to watch out for the most. It’s very common and many people drink it daily because it is healthy and goes well with many types of food.

However, chromogens in red wine lead to the production of tooth-discoloration pigments, while the tannins in it make your teeth sticky, which worsens the stains. Don’t think that white wain is any less damaging to the teeth – both types contain erosive acid, which enhances stains from food and other drinks.

Cut down on soda beverages

Many of us enjoy carbonated soft drinks, including diet soda, but it’s important to note that they are all high in acid, as in sugar, which also incites a higher production of acid in your mouth. Additionally, caffeinated beverages such as cola also dry out your mouth. Even Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi contain citric and phosphoric acid, both of which corrode the enamel if you drink them too often.

A shocking study has revealed that drinking large quantities of soda beverages can damage your teeth to the same extent as crack cocaine and methamphetamine would. Carbonated drinks are coating your teeth in acid, while simultaneously staining or discoloring your teeth.

Whenever you want to enjoy a glass of soda drink, make sure you also drink a cup of water with it and you drink it during a meal because food neutralizes the effects of the acid. Also, you should never brush your teeth immediately after drinking a soda drink because it could speed up the process of tooth decay.

Hard candies

As much as hard candies can be tasty, they simply contain too much sugar, which could lead to fast tooth decay. Moreover, they bring another risk, as you can chip or break your tooth while trying to eat them. When that happens, only a full-service dental laboratory can solve your problem. Brushing and flossing can’t help you anymore. When you think about it, they are called jawbreakers for a good reason.

Even though they don’t cling to your teeth too much, they are easy to chew and wash away, the fact is that they dissolve very slowly in your mouth, usually for a couple of minutes. It gives more time for the bacteria to produce acid. What’s even worse, many hard candies are added citric acid to improve the flavor.

To show how harmful hard candies are, especially to kids’ teeth, research was done and it included more than 300 kids. Two-thirds of them eat hard candies, while more than half of them said that they need more than 15 minutes to eat hard candy, which is far too long and detrimental to the teeth. Some types of hard candies, like sour ones, have the highest erosive potential.

Dried fruits

Dried fruits belong to the group of healthy snacks, so it’s no wonder why many people choose them when they need a quick but healthy bite. However, their bad feature is that they are sticky, meaning they can stay on your teeth much longer than they should, leading to tooth decay. They cling in the crevices of your teeth, leaving too much sugar in your mouth.

If you enjoy dried fruits, such as prunes, apricots, raisins, and figs, and don’t want to try out other healthy snacks, then make sure you rinse with water after you’re done eating and brush and floss carefully and regularly. Alternatively, it’s always better to switch to the fresh version of the said fruits.

Potato chips

The sound of chewing potato chips is enough to want to eat them. Not to mention their salty flavor and crispy texture in our mouth. Potato chips are great for almost any occasion – we eat them at parties, as a quick snack, while we’re watching a movie. Unfortunately, potato chips are filled with starch, which turns into sugar when you put them in your mouth.

Pieces of potato chips can also get stuck between your teeth, feeding the bacteria in the plaque on your teeth. Since many of us don’t stop after just one potato chips, the acid production triggered by them lingers in your mouth for too long. So, if you indulge yourself with this snack from time to time, it’s better to carefully floss your teeth after it to remove food particles that can cause the build-up of plaque.

General advice

Let’s be real – it’s not like you will stop eating these 6 foods completely. Some of them even have a beneficial impact on your health, so no need to cut them out from your diet completely. Others are just too tasty to give up completely, so it’s better to know how to protect your teeth when you occasionally grab a bite of food that’s potentially damaging to your teeth. Here are a couple of pieces of advice:

  • sugary foods should be eaten with meals because you produce more saliva during a meal, which will reduce the effect of the acid
  • drink more water on a daily basis. If you buy bottled water, make sure it contains fluoride
  • brush your teeth twice a day, while flossing once a day should suffice.
  • Final words

It’s very important to have healthy teeth and gums. After all, you will be using them almost your entire life. So, no need to rush the decay process. Simply gain some control over what types of food you eat.

Thursday, 28 November 2019

Best Time For Manaslu Circuit Trek

More often than it is a common question I receive from my readers, “When is the best time to trek Manaslu Circuit?”. Hiking in the high altitude is not something you can consider any time of the year. Commonly, You must know the weather, temperature, snow falling season, and wind speed of the elevation above 4,000m. While on the other side, you should also consider the time that avoids landslide, convenient transportation available to the trailhead, monsoon, and the humidity in lower elevation below 2,000m.

Greetings to my readers. My name is Ram Ashish, a local guy born and raised on the lap of Mount Manaslu. I have been writing about Nepal Himalayas for a long time, and here I am keen to share some ideas that everything you should know about Manaslu trek. Especially when is the best time for this trek? For this article, I’m sharing a logic by month to month. By the end of this article, If you find this post helpful, please send us a rating as appropriate as you consider. 

Manaslu Circuit Trek in January 

Generally, January has the coldest climate. The temperature is too low that it might tumble to – 15 degrees. It is difficult to anticipate the heat as the winter storms visit this area from time to time in this month of the year. The cold and frosty climate in Manaslu makes January one of the less crowded month for trekking. Even though the temperature is cold and frigid, the sky appears nice and bright throughout the day. The perspective of snowcapped mountains solidified cascades, waterfalls, lakes, and the stream is pristine in January. 

Read More: Camps in Kanatal

January is not the best, due to it is freezing in the high pass and likely snowbound. Before mid-January, However, it is common to see some hikers in Manaslu. If you are one of them, planning to Trek Manaslu in winter here is what you should consider.

  1. Bring enough layer and other necessary equipment 
  2. Microspike is a life savvier don’t forget to include them in your packing list. 
  3. Choose a local company that has established experience in the region. 

Likely, Dharmasala and Bhimtang (A camp before and after the high pass) might be closed. If that happens, there are some alternatives. Each company has their style on how they organize. The most company organized a primitive camp in Dharmasala and Bhimtang. But in our case, we contact the tea house owner in advance to have an extra key. Open the tea house as we go and close it after we use it. I know it sounds fancy, but because of our legacy in this area as one of the largest trek operator for the region. We have been doing this for a couple of years now. If we believe so, please let us know. We are more than happy to help you out.

Manaslu Trek in February 

 In the past few years, February remains a falling snow month. But the most dramatic, which is very dangerous sometimes if the snowfall is heavy. The initial days of February are cold and frigid while the end is fresh spring. From mid-February, the winter starts to vanish. The temperature ascends just as snow begins liquefying. Likewise, Rhododendron and other blossoms in the forests begin to sprout. From mid-February, a hiker starts exploring the Himalayas. But last Spring 2019, including Manaslu and other classical trails such as Annapurna Circuit Trek, Annapurna Base Camp were close because of the heavy snowfall. Please make sure you will contact your agency before making a plan.

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Muni Ki Reti , Rishikesh Uttarakhand
Mobile : +91 9837889969, 8447612261

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Comfortable Pregnancy Required a Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy is a brilliant time. You have all the eagerness of connection with your infant. Numerous pregnant ladies experience the effects of leg issues and back torment, making it hard to get settled enough to rest. Your resting positions become restricted. An extraordinary answer for every one of these issues is to utilize a pregnancy pillow.

Advantages of these pillows: 

They help to make you progressively agreeable, just as giving neck, shoulder, or potentially joint relief from discomfort just as relief from discomfort. It is intended to design the state of your whole body and urges mums to rest on their side as that is viewed as the best dozing situation for mothers.

Some interesting highlights of pregnancy pillow:

Blood Circulation: 

Pregnant ladies are encouraged to rest on the sides to advance easy blood flow. Be that as it may, because of the size of the midsection. In any case, if the pregnancy pillow is utilized, comfort is ensured. You can without much of a stretch modify the pillow to your stomach area or the parts that need padding for better rest.

Offer Support: 

These provide support to the body portions of the mother during pregnancy. As bodyweight enhances during pregnancy, it puts pressure and weight on the back, hips, and legs. It is critical to rest these body parts, and that is just conceivable on the off chance that you get a solid rest. A pregnancy cushion will offer help and relief to these parts.

Soothing Sleep: 

Your body experiences many changes during pregnancy. Great rest is the way into a sheltered pregnancy, pregnancy cushion advance better rest, and the more you get enough long stretches of rest and rest in a day, the more you become sound and arranged for the happening to your child.

Supportive after Delivery: 

A maternity cushion will be valuable significantly after the infant’s introduction to the world as it will assist you with putting your child in the correct situation during feeding, for the infant to figure out how to latch appropriately. The U-Shaped Pregnancy Body Pillow can be utilized to help the child during sustaining or utilized as interference when you lie the infant down with the goal that they don’t turn over and hurt themselves.

Removable pillowcase: 

A removable pillowcase makes it very simple to clean, so regardless of whether there’s a misfortune, you can essentially place the pillowcase in the clothes washer and it’s ready.

When to Start Using a Pregnancy Pillow? 

There is no specific time to begin utilizing a maternity pillow. Be that as it may, from week 20 you can feel progressively great with it. The belly begins to extend, it causes round muscle agony and other body torments, and in this manner, you require a pregnancy cushion.

There are such a large number of reasons why a pregnancy pillow is a genuine fundamental for pregnant ladies. Why not treat yourself or somebody you know and find the immense distinction it makes to your rest.

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Camping Essentials: Tips for Your Next Family Adventure

Going camping with the family is so incredibly valuable! It’s the ultimate getaway if you’re looking for a healthy, active break that involves some serious parent-child bonding and the creation of memories that will last a lifetime. If this sounds like your bag, then you most likely need to get packing those bags! Whether you’re a total newbie or a bit of a camping guru, we could all use some tips every now and then to make our lives that little bit easier. Read on for some top tips on how to make your next camping adventure with your family as amazing as possible… Book the best Camps in Dhanaulti.

Find a camping checklist

An online or downloadable camping checklist is ever so handy when you’re not so sure what you need to bring along with you. You can find family-specific camping checklists to make it even more simple for you – thank god for the internet, right? Once you’ve found one that covers all the essential bases, print it out or recreate it yourself to pin up in the kitchen or living room. Having that visual reminder really makes you feel organised and on top of things during the craze of pre-holiday excitement and stress. Have your kids make their own colourful lists to teach them the value of organisation from an early age, and so they can help you out a little when you feel like you’ve forgotten something.  It is none other than the best camping in Dhanaulti you can ever imagine at Camp Little Jaguar.

Do not, repeat do not forget the entertainment

Keeping those kids entertained is kind of essential. And yes, camping definitely is all about reconnecting with nature, encouraging ourselves to live in the moment and connecting with one another fully, however, asking children to be happy with the 24 hours a day is only going to backfire. You need a plan B, and that comes in the form of a little light entertainment. This one is kind of up to your own parenting style, if you want to feel removed from technology pack up the books, playing cards, musical instruments, arts and craft and some sports gear to give your kids options. Some quiet iPad time every now and then might be fine for you, and if that’s the case then, by all means, bring one along. Negating to provide entertainment for yourself and your kids is a rookie error that could result in a bit of a sour experience, so be sure to bring at least one form of entertainment.  Book the best Camps in Kanatal.

Be thoughtful about food

Bring pre-prepared food with you, you’ll be thanking yourself on those exhausting evenings when you just want to eat and hit the hay. A few pre-cooked meals, prepared chopping and decanted essentials will be a godsend for your camping cooking.

Consider investing

If you really want to dive into the camping lifestyle and create a beautiful habit for you and your family to enjoy on the regular, you should consider investing in a camper trailer. The Traveller is an awesome place to start for smaller families to get out on the road. You’ll have protection, storage and ultimate adventure freedom, so it’s well worth the money if you want to immerse yourself in camping.

Do plenty of research

Make sure that the campgrounds you’re heading to are appropriate for your family! This means looking into the amenities, natural features, visitor capacity and parking options. Of course, this is all made easier if you have a trailer at your disposal, but it is still very important to know what you’re heading into.

Follow these tips and enjoy a few days of bliss with your family in the great outdoors!

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