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Friday, 22 November 2019

3 Things That Kill Any WordPress Website

Is your new WordPress site underperforming? Or has its performance dipped in recent months?

WordPress remains the most usable and scalable content management system. However, it is not a set-it-and-forget-it tool that simply runs by itself. You have to set it up to succeed from the start, and continuously work on it.

With that in mind, here are some of the things that can hurt your WordPress site, before or after you set it up.

1. Bad Hosting

Not all hosting companies are created equal. A cheap hosting company that you’ve never heard of is simply not going to be able to match the level of performance and service you could get from a more reputable brand.

If you are currently with a cheap web hosting company, don’t delay, click here to speak with a live WordPress expert support agent who can show you your options and tell you how to switch providers.

Your cheap host may start out well enough. However, the more traffic you start to earn, the more of their resources you’re now tying up. This means that they may cap your bandwidth, which essentially means they’re slowing you down on purpose because they’re not equipped for you to succeed.

These slow speeds can kill your site’s performance and hurt your SEO.

Too Many Plugins

You could be hurting your website with the tools you installed to help take it to the next level.

WordPress plugins are usually amazing and can unlock new abilities and insights. However, there can be too much of a good thing. Too many plugins can weigh down the backend of your site.

Take a look at how many you currently have installed and remove anything you’re not using. If the backend takes a few seconds to load on your screen because you have so many plugins, that’s a sign that your users are having a similar experience loading the frontend.


Again, WordPress does not have an autopilot. SEO success is not a destination, it’s a constant journey.

To achieve and maintain strong performance numbers, you need to do a number of things. First of all, you need to test your site’s speed regularly. The more pages you publish, the more often you should test.

You will also want to avoid the number one testing mistake that most small business owners make: Do not simply test the home page and assume the rest of the site is fine. You need to run site-wide speed test, paying particular attention to your most important landing pages and blog posts.

The second thing you need to do is prune your website’s content. You need to ensure things are running as lean as possible by removing any outdated or useless pages. These pages will take up room in the backend and slow you down.

Of course, these are only a few of the things that can slow down a WordPress website or hurt its overall performance. But, the 3 major issues we explored today can be fixed quickly for almost no money.

Give your WordPress site the attention it deserves and it will pay you back with traffic, leads and even sales!

Thursday, 21 November 2019

Mistakes To Avoid In Email Signature Design

The two most important elements of every email you send are its subject and signature. While the first element makes the first impression and has to drive the recipient’s attention so that he or she would open your message. An email signature plays an equally important role. It is the final chord of your message that should logically finish your email and keep the recipient engaged.

In our previous articles, we already told you how a professional signature helps increase sales, get traffic or clicks, and promote your business. In this article, we would like to tell you about some of the most common mistakes that you should avoid in your design.

What To Include In Your Signature?

Let’s start with the basics and figure out what are the main elements of an effective email signature.

A signature has two main goals:

  • Give your recipients contacts for feedback;
  • Make your audience more engaged and open to further communication.

Apart of these tasks, a well-designed stamp can turn into a useful tool for growth and promotion of your business, as it helps to spread a word about your company, make it more recognized, and connect with potential customers easier. However, to make it work, you should follow certain rules.

First of all, bear in mind that the shorter and more laconic your signature is, the better effect it has. It is important to make sure that the most important information does not get lost in a huge abundance of insignificant content and marketing offers. Also, it is vital to ensure that your signature is noticeable in the letter.

What information to include? Some of the key elements of every signature are:

  • Name, title, and company name;
  • Link to a website, blog, or store, phone number, and other means of communication;
  • Social network buttons;
  • Your photo or the company’s logo.

At first glance, everything is simple. Yet, many people make the same mistakes when creating their signatures. We have identified some of the main ones to help you avoid them.

The Most Common Mistakes In Email Signature Design

Although many of us use email on a daily basis, not everyone is aware of the importance of their email signatures. Many users still don’t have one. Others created it with a whole bunch of mistakes that make their stamps not effective at all.

You should never underestimate the value of a good email signature and the opportunities it has for you and your business. However, only a good design will bring good results.

Below are the most commonly made email signature design that you need to consider!

“Sent From …”

It does not matter whether you send your emails from a smartphone, tablet or computer. In any case, there is no need to let your recipients know this. Such signatures are set on many devices by default. However, if you want to look professional, you should remove it.

Not providing the links to your website

Your corporate email signature is a free and easy way to advertise your online store, website or blog. So why should you miss out on this opportunity? Many people do not provide the links because they are afraid to seem too annoying. In fact, there is nothing wrong about sharing the links within your emails. If someone isn’t interested in checking out your website, he or she will not follow the link. However, if some of your recipients would be interested in this, you have to make sure that you have a link included. After all, it is a great way to get more clicks and traffic!

Including too many links

There is also a mistake opposite to the previous one. While some people ignore links at all, others push it way too far and include the links to all websites, social channels, and networks that exist. This is a terrible idea. As a rule, it is enough to include a few links to the sources that would be of the most interest to your recipients. Most often people give a link to a website or blog along with a few most popular social network accounts (for example, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram).

Give the full links

Full links look bad. It is better to use a hyperlink instead. And, if we are talking about social media, you should better place clickable icons.

Large picture

If the size of the image is too big, it automatically makes your message too heavy. While this may still work if your recipient opens the letter from a computer, there may arise certain issues with the mobile devices. Such letters take too much time to load or aren’t displayed correctly.

Not including contact details

One of the main goals of your email signature is to provide your contact details. Thus, if you don’t include them, there is no point of adding your signature at all. Think of it as of your digital business card.

Not giving the full phone number

This is a vital mistake if your business is international! If your phone number is not full, your potential customers will have to search for the country or state code themselves and waste their precious time.

Not making a single design for all employees

If you have a single corporate design for all of your team members, you show the professionalism of your company.

Use too many different colors and fonts

It is great if you can add a personal touch to the design of your signature. However, you should keep it simple and relevant to your field of activity. For example, a designer can go a bit further in his design to showcase some of his skills, while a lawyer with a bright and colorful signature will look unprofessional.

Not include a photo or logo

A photo or company’s logo will make your signature look more complete. Besides, in the case with a photo, it helps to set a closer contact with your audience, while a logo helps increase the brand’s recognition. In both cases, you get more benefits!

Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Vegan Peanut Butter Guide

Peanut butter is a food that is enjoyed by lots of people. This is regardless of what their lifestyles are. While people without a specific lifestyle can eat whatever peanut butter they come across, if you live the vegan lifestyle, you might not have the freedom to do this, you will always be on the lookout for vegan peanut butter.

As an individual with a vegan lifestyle that also loves peanut butter, if you are searching for the best peanut butter, you are on the right page. Below are some of the best vegan-friendly picks available in the market.

Teddie All Natural Peanut Butter

This peanut butter is not just vegan, it is also free from gluten, very smooth, and natural. When you take this vegan peanut butter frequently, you will not only be consuming a clean snack, you will also be consuming a snack that is healthy and tasty.

This peanut butter is produced in the United States and does not contain preservatives or sugars. In addition to the fact that sugars are not added to this vegan peanut butter, it is up to you to decide if you want to purchase vegan peanut butter that is salted or unsalted. Teddie all natural peanut butter comes in the salted, as well as the unsalted version. This way, if you love taking this vegan peanut butter but are trying to avoid salt for health reasons, you can always enjoy Teddie all natural peanut butter.

Spread The Love Naked Organic Peanut Butter

This peanut butter is not just vegan, but is absolutely organic and free from gluten. Its only ingredient is organic dry-roasted peanuts. It is free from sugar or salt.

Produced in small batches in the United States, its quality, nutritional content, and flavor can be monitored very closely.

Spread the love naked peanut butter is kosher certified and is free from fillers, chemicals, preservatives, dairy, and palm oil. 

If you purchase this vegan peanut butter, you will be consuming peanut butter that is healthy and clean. You do not have to worry about how healthy this peanut butter is because it is AF certified. 

NAKED Nutrition Premium Peanut Butter

NAKED nutrition premium peanut butter is free from additives, preservatives, salt, dairy, soy, and sugar. It comes in powder form and contains roasted peanuts. When you consume this vegan peanut butter, you can be sure that you are consuming an absolutely safe substance as it goes through a series of tests before being certified to be safe. In addition to being completely safe, NAKED nutrition premium peanut butter is also very nutritious. 

Contained in this vegan peanut butter are 50 calories in each serving, close to one gram of BCAAs, four grams of carbohydrates, and six grams of protein. Due to its nutritional content, this vegan peanut butter is ideal for people looking to take advantage of different types of diets.

If you are comfortable eating this vegan peanut butter on its own, then you can do so. However, if you are not comfortable doing this, you can make it a part of various recipes.

Although this vegan peanut butter contains good amounts of protein but a low amount of calories, carbs, and fats and is perfect for most people, it has some downsides. Not everyone is comfortable with the way it smells. Also, it is considered quite bland.

FATSO High Performance Natural Peanut Butter

Contained in FATSO high performance natural peanut butter are MCT oil, avocado oil, sweet tapioca, flax, and coconut oil. Due to the ingredients that it contains, this vegan peanut butter is one that can provide you with the energy you need to carry out your activities during the day without feeling fatigued. Due to the fact that this vegan peanut butter can keep you strong throughout the day, if you are an athlete, a bodybuilder, or an individual on a strict keto diet, you can always rely on this vegan peanut butter to provide you with the strength that you need. 

If you are searching for vegan peanut butter that will be very beneficial to your health and keep you full for a long time, you can always rely on FATSO high performance natural peanut butter.

Fix and Fogg Gourmet Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter

Made in New Zealand, Fix and Fogg gourmet dark chocolate peanut butter is a blend of gourmet dark chocolate and peanut butter. Although popularly considered a vegan peanut butter, Fix and Fogg gourmet dark chocolate peanut butter contains more dark chocolate than peanut butter. It is made up of 62 % dark chocolate. Due to this, it has a different taste from other vegan peanut butter in the market.

Although the producers of this Fix and Fogg gourmet dark chocolate peanut butter claim it contains a higher proportion of dark chocolate, there are certain people that are of the belief that it does not contain dark chocolate because of the overwhelming taste of peanut. Also, one disadvantage it has is it sticks to the roof of the moth and this can be very uncomfortable.

Tuesday, 19 November 2019

New Search Engines To Try

Could there be life beyond Google? You'll never know until you explore! Periodically, we hear about the so-called "dark web," an alleged layer of websites and online services that lie beyond the reach of most Internet browsers. In fact, most of this deep web is merely sites that Google doesn't show you for various reasons: They censor it, or it doesn't fit into Google's monetary scheme, or in some cases the site is excluded from Google indexing by request.

The other search engines of second-tier popularity follow Google's practices as well. So Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and the other heavyweight contenders also restrict your results, have more interest in monetizing your data than finding what you were actually looking for, and consequently don't show you all of the web that you could be finding.

If you're bored seeing the same tired news sources and ad-riddled results, try out these alternative search engines for a refreshing change of pace:


Launched in 2008 at the crest of the earliest Internet concerns for user privacy, DuckDuckGo emphasizes your privacy and doesn't filter results based on user activity. It aggregates results from other search engine crawlers which it concatenates anonymously to show open links free of bias. It's also one of the few major search engines to refuse to bow to censorship from any country. While the results are still limited to what other major engines will index in the first place, DuckDuckGo is a healthy balance between removing the annoyances of major search engines while still delivering an experience close to the mainstream web.


An old standard on the web from the era before Google, HotBot started out in the age of Lycos and AltaVista but set out determinedly on its own path. HotBot is another engine which puts user safety first, by not collecting user data and by screening out dangerous links to malware and the like only. HotBot has boasted the most complete web index online, at times integrating index databases from Inktomi or Teoma. Using HotBot feels like the 1996 web returning modern-day results.

Stack Exchange Network

Stack Exchange has been around for a while, originally a peer-to-peer question and answer forum seeded from the Y-Combinator start-up incubator. Its focus was programming and IT tech, but it branched out adding specialty domains one after another for everything from science to gaming to shopping, until now it's become a huge collection of conversations about anything at all, going back a decade. Searching Stack Exchange's many subdomains is like visiting a version of Quora where everybody has a white collar and a degree.


As original an idea as its name, SwissCows is based out of Switzerland and uses a semantic data recognition method to deliver more focused results to a given query. It's also one of the few search engines with an international and multilingual scope, which provides a global view of a topic. SwissCows does filter out adult-oriented search terms, so if you want a family-friendly experience that screens out the sordid side of the web, this is your engine.


On the other hand, if the sordid side of the web is what you're looking for, that's just what Hot is for. is unique in that it crawls the whole web anyway, but only serves up adult-oriented results - dating sites, escort services, cam channels, erotica, and more. is also an engine that values user privacy, in a space where you're more concerned about not having strange eyes peeping at what you're typing.


Mojeek is a UK-based search engine that stands unique as having its own crawler database, its own algorithms, and keeping itself separate from major search technology. It is another privacy-focused web search engine that tends to turn up results from lower-tier sites and less commercialized entries. Being so ruggedly independent, its user experience is like visiting an alternate universe.


Do you want to get the whole web, and nothing but the web, with nobody holding your hand? Gibiru is committed to not censoring or filtering search results in any way. Beware, because this can also lead you into spammy results and malware sites. However, if you're confident in your security profile, Gibiru is a visit to the wild frontier of the fringe web.

Monday, 18 November 2019

How to Choose Awesome Professionals for Face Painting and Balloon Twisting

From kids’ birthday parties to corporate events, face painting and balloon twisting have become very popular. These days, people hire professional artists who specialise in painting faces and twisting balloons. A trustworthy artist can make the occasion extremely exciting and enjoy able for the guests. But, everything has to be sanitised and safe. Hence, this article offers a complete guide to selecting the right professionals for the job.

Ask these following questions when hiring a face painter:

What type of paint material is used?

Usually referred to as ‘paints’, the materials are known as cosmetics that need to be safe and hypoallergenic. There are several brands offering high-quality paints for facial skin. It is necessary to ensure that a professional isn’t using acrylic paint, craft paint or any other kind that is not specifically designed for the skin.

What is the sanitisation procedure?

A professional will need to sanitise their paintbrushes before using them on a new person. If they use sponges, those will need to be sanitised as well. An immediate answer given to this question ensures safety against unwanted diseases of any kind.

Can a professional fulfil special party needs?

Every party or event has a theme and face painters should be ready with some great design ideas to fulfil those needs. Try looking into their existing portfolio to understand what sorts of designs are created by the face painter.

How to take off the paint after the party?

Usually, it doesn’t take too much work to remove the paint. However, a professional should provide complete step-by-step instructions regarding the removal and clean-up of the face paint.

Along with these questions, one can also ask a professional if they offer face painting and balloon twisting altogether. Or choose an agency that provides the services of professional face painters and balloon twisters. This will reduce the hassle and can even save you money at the same time. Many agencies provide special offers when two services are hired together. Regardless, one should ask some questions to a balloon twister as well.

Ask these questions when hiring a balloon twister:

What is the capacity of twisting balloons per hour?

This is a pretty broad question because it depends on the event duration as well as the type of designs required. Custom sculptures take longer time than simple designs. For normal twisting, the average value should be around 10 to 15. However, some easier and faster designs can be around 20 to 25 depending on the skills of the professional. It would be wise to analyse the portfolio of a professional to clearly understand what he or she is offering in terms of custom sculptures and simple designs.

Which designs are the specialities of a professional?

Twisting balloons is an art and every artist has some favourites. Some twisters specialise in standard animals, while others feel comfortable with objects. Knowing the speciality will help in making a wise selection depending on the theme and requirement of a party. However, any balloon artist should have the ability to fulfil the custom requests of individual party guests. So, the versatility is undeniably a valuable feature to look at when hiring.

Can a professional create movie and cartoon characters?

When it comes to custom requests, people tend to revolve around popular characters from movies and cartoons. Hence, a professional twister should be ready with the ability to create perfect characters requested by the guests. The same capability can be utilised when throwing a princess party, a mermaid party or any other character-based party.

Sunday, 17 November 2019

Digital Marketing Services Are Crucial To Your Business. Learn Why!

With the dawn of the digital age, it is important for the business of all scales and types to have a digital presence. By having a digital presence, it is implied that businesses, whether new or existing need themselves to get registered online as a business and establish a website. Along with that, they need to maintain social media profiles as well.

Since many of the customers of the digital age use search engines to look up solutions, any business website that shows up in search results as a response to their query will benefit from it one way or the other. They may gain a potential customer by captivating their attention through their website’s content and giving out details of delivery, returns, etc.

Benefits of Having an Online Presence

Having emphasized the importance and highlighting the pros and cons of it, it is needless to say that businesses who do not go online in this era of technology lag far behind than those who already have. Establishing an online presence does a great job of getting your name out there, luring people to your website, engaging with your content which must include the products, services, and deals you offer and converting these into sales. Another good example of the benefits of having an online presence would be a restaurant people could order food online form and get it delivered to their homes. Thus, an online presence is crucial to a business’s survival in these times.

The Need for Digital Marketing

The question which remains here is that once the businesses have established an online presence and made a colorful website, what keeps their business running? What keeps their customers rolling in? The answer is simply as long as your business keeps securing a spot on the first 3 search results pages in any web browser, your customers will keep coming back to you. Though your service matters too but this is an established fact that many people do not go beyond the first 3 pages of search results and settle for one or options usually listed on the first page.

In order to get your business in the top search results, there are two options. Either you pay and put up an ad for your business especially in Google Search engine or you secure the spot organically through hard work and your website’s quality content and good performance. Both of these options fall under the domain of digital marketing.

Saturday, 16 November 2019

Tips for Making Your Move Stress Free

So, you got that new job in a great location, and you’re ready to move yourself and your family. Moving is never an easy undertaking whether you are fresh out of college or you are married with a family. However, there are a few things you can do to make your move as stress-free as possible. Let’s look at a few steps you can take to make your new move, Whether it’s 100 miles away or 1000 miles away, as painless as possible.

Don’t procrastinate.

Even if your move is going to take place in less than a week, you should still start planning for how you were going to pack and move your belongings. Start by planning what you intend to pack, choosing a moving company, looking into a portable moving unit, and, if you have a car or multiple cars, a car transportation service.

Most people decide to do a “purge” of their belongings when they get ready to move. Of course sometimes that is not an option. Also, for those who are just starting out in life, you may only have a few belongings and your clothing to move. However, if you have a family, moving time is a great time to do a purge. Start by making a list of the things that you definitely need to take with you. This would be furniture, clothing, and other necessities such as cookware. At the same time, it is a good idea to go through one’s closet and discard any unused clothing; take for instants, your own closet. If there are clothes in your closet that you haven’t worn in over a year, then it might be a good time to discard those clothes. For children, clothes that no longer fit should be discarded. The same could be said for your furniture appliances and cookware. If any of those items listed are broken or no longer work, then moving time is a great time to simply throw those items out. A little organization goes a long way in the process.

Of course, the main objective when you first begin packing is to keep from procrastinating or putting off your packing. Do a little something every day. If that means on day one you simply do a purge, then you have accomplished at least part of your goal in preparing to move. Waiting until the last minute is a sure fire guarantee that you are likely to miss something misplaced something or otherwise lose a valuable item while you are moving.

Use a Portable Storage Unit

Start in individual bedrooms. These are the easiest rooms to pack up, and, with a little planning, you can leave out the items you’ll need until moving day. Choose a few sets of clothes to wear for the remainder of the time you are in the home, and pack everything else. Then, so the moving boxes are out of the way, you can rent a portable storage unit and place sealed, labeled moving boxes inside until moving day. The kitchen and the bathroom will likely be the last rooms that you pack up. However if you have cookware and dishes that can be packed, a storage unit is the best place to keep these items.

Use sturdy moving boxes and packing labels.

There is just no match for moving boxes! They are sturdy, and it is easy to place a label on the box to see just where are the belongings inside should go. While there are those who will use a marker to label boxes, packing labels are actually easier on the eyes. One expert recommends using color coded packing labels so that you don’t even need to read each individual box to see where it should go. Four instance, one child’s room might be the color blue, while the other child’s color is green. That way, boxes with matching colors can all be unloaded from the portable storage unit into the individual’s new room, and everyone can unpack their own areas.

If you do purge some items, plan for a day to remove those items.

Once you have gathered the items you do not wish to keep, then take some time out of your busy moving week schedule to discard those items. If you have clothing that you feel is still in good condition, you can take those items to the local Salvation Army or other charitable organizations. Furniture that you do not wish to take on the move can also be donated, but you’ll need to call the charity to come and pick those items up. Scheduling ahead can help to clear the house well in advance of moving day.

Consider using a car transport service to move your vehicles.

Whether you are moving a few hundred miles away or a few thousand, consider hiring a car transport service to pick up and deliver your car to your new city at a cost between $600 and $1000 (depending on the miles you’ll need a vehicle or vehicles moved), you can save depreciation and wear and tear on your vehicle by utilizing a service of this kind.

Enlist a trusted mover.

Do you still have that portable storage unit in the front yard? Then hire a reputable move her to hook up that unit and haul it to your new location. Hiring a mover allows you to not have to stress over moving everything yourself. They will often even set up your furniture for you as well. There are a few things to think about when hiring a moving company such price, reputation, and employees. 

These are just a few ways to keep moving stress-free! Don’t put off packing until the last minute, and consider using a portable storage unit to store pack boxes until moving day. Finally, a car transportation service can help to save wear and tear on your vehicles. Happy moving!

Friday, 15 November 2019

Digital Payments | PayMonk

Cash based transactions are the most inconvenient and inefficient options available in the financial sector these days. Digital Payments on the other hand has revolutionized the face of payments and surely opened a lot of opportunities for the common man. There are some key benefits with digital payments:

  1. Seamless track of all the transactions.
  2. Women's participation in economy.
  3. Transparency and accountability
  4. Integration of digital payments have surely addressed the issue of domestic resource mobilization.

A recent study conducted by Moodys reported that between 2008 and 2012, greater usage of digital payments added $983 billion in the entire world's economic growth, which is equivalent to creating 1.9 million jobs.

Financial inclusion has been broadly recognized as critical in reducing poverty and achieving inclusive economic growth. Greater access to financial services for both individuals and firms may help reduce income inequality and accelerate economic growth, according to the World Bank.

As the whole world is shifting towards digital payments, the security concerns are inevitable. There are always people out there to take undue advantage of the loopholes in our payment systems. Obviously, all the Fintech companies are keeping the aspect of cybersecurity on highest priorities. As cybersecurity is a trending thing these days, the cyber jobs are getting more popularity. 

A nation like India, where people still fear digital transactions, a benchmark has to be set to make it a cashless economy. Especially in rural areas, people still believe in banks rather than transacting money online. As a major reform in Customer Service Points, PayMonk has given it's best shot to convert the rural areas into cashless ecpmomies.

For more information, visit

Thursday, 14 November 2019

Useful Tips to Improve Your Concentration at Work

Even if working or studying for the same amount of time every day, people will still achieve different results. It’s not just because of the professional ability, but also influenced by the degree of concentration.
There’s an inescapable fact that we all like to relax and have fun, and nobody loves working all the day constantly. So skills and tricks are also required here to stay focused on a long period of boring job.

1. Good Sleep Habits

Some people are used to staying up late at night to finish the task due to heavy workload or procrastination. Others may simply enjoy the free time at night and don’t want to go to bed early. Either way, it can make getting up early in the morning very difficult.

Even if you force yourself to get out of bed, you mind will still be in a daze and you will have no energy for the whole day. Therefore, it is no wonder your concentration can be hardly concentrated on working or studying.

So, if you’re a late sleeper, try adjusting your routine to go to bed and wake up more early and regularly to boost your energy levels. It will greatly improve your productivity during the day.

2. Write Things Down

What would you do if you are reading a book and can’t understand it? Grabbing a pen and paper to start taking notes seems like a great idea.

Similarly, when you have something unclear about your current job and feel difficult to keep focused, it can be much helpful to take these things down as well. Because at the same time of taking notes, you are actually managing to organize your mind and focus on the event itself.

To make the process more easy and intelligent, you can record all these important things and information in some powerful tools like Microsoft Office apps. With some useful Excel and Word tips, you can definitely do better in managing and preserving your records.

3. Set Smaller Targets

If you only have a big and general goal, you will be very easily distracted since there are too many things and information without a clear clue. Instead, you can set a specific goal for yourself, and split it into multiple small achievable tasks. Then you just need to accomplish each of them step by step.

For this purpose, you can make a list in Excel spreadsheet. Even if you are a newbie, there are many practical Excel tips for beginners can help you. Once you have a clear idea of when and how to do a specific thing, you will find it’s easy to get rid of distracting thoughts and focus on what’s truly important.

4. Learn to Refuse

The best idea to stay concentrated is say “No” to the interference.
There’re so many things to do in your life, some of which are the jobs & tasks must be done, and some of which are asked by others. If you don’t know how to refuse the unnecessary requests, or dwell on it for too long, it’ll become more and more difficult to stay focus, and eventually lead to the most important things on your own hands being put off constantly.
On the contrary, learning to say “no” politely and clearly can help you stay concentrated, and make the best of your limited time.

5. Small “Punishment”

In modern society, using corporal punishment to urge people working hard is obviously no longer feasible. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create good habits by duly giving yourself small “punishments”. Simply put, you can wear a rubber band around your wrist while working and lightly flick it once you find yourself daydreaming, or use cool and refreshing facial spray to bring yourself back to reality.

The point is to develop a reflex mechanism that allows you to recognize that distraction is bad, and remind yourself to take your attention back to what you are doing. Over time you will develop the habit of focusing.

Don’t overdo it, of course. What you need is an effective warning, not real punishment.

6. Create an Undisturbed Environment

If you don’t want to be disturbed, then the first thing you should do is staying away from the interference. More specifically, you should create an appropriate study or work environment according to your actual situation. Don’t let the noise, temperature, hungry or an uncomfortable chair to be the reason why you get distracted.

And when it comes to Internet, I know it’s unrealistic to completely block electronics out. But if you’re working on an important task, it’s better to minimize their impact, like switching your cell phone to silent or airplane mode. Cause as you know, every time you receive a message, you can hardly only read & reply it. There are so much information that will entice you to view and search for more.

All in all, it may be impossible to pay 100% attention on something. But you can try improving your concentration by making small changes in your daily routine. Once you get into the habit of focusing, you’ll find yourself far more productive and finally able to get better results in less time than before. And thus you will have even more time for your avocational interest.

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Most Common Dental Issues for Seniors

Proper oral care is a constant necessity, regardless of age. However, the older we get, the more prone we become to various dental issues. After all, after years of chewing, grinding, wear and tear of one’s teeth, and so on, it’s no wonder that seniors tend to experience certain dental health problems more often than the younger generations. Not to mention that it’s not uncommon for seniors to neglect their dental care, especially when they have other health issues to worry about. But this also can lead to dental issues as certain diseases and meds can also affect one’s dental condition. The following oral issues seem to be most common among seniors.

1. Tooth decay

Due to a diet filled with sugary and acidic foods combined with irregular dental hygiene, one of the most common dental issues among the seniors involves tooth decay. What’s more, this particular problem can lead to cavities, tooth loss, gum infection, and so on. Obviously, it’s essential that seniors maintain regular teeth brushing and flossing habits in both mornings and evenings. If the act of teeth brushing feels difficult due to arthritis, for instance,  getting an electric toothbrush might be the best solution. Also, fluoride toothpaste can make a significant difference together with drinking water after every meal to wash out the acid in the mouth. 

2. Gum disease

Unfortunately, imbalanced diet, difficulty swallowing, certain medications, poor oral hygiene and diseases common among the seniors can also lead to gum diseases such as periodontitis and gingivitis. Smoking, bad nutrition and lack of regularity in teeth brushing and flossing can all have these issues as consequences. This can turn into a very serious problem, as gum disease can also affect one’s general health. For instance, 1 in every 7 Australians in 2017 were surveyed to be older than 65, which means that the need for senior dental care is huge. That said, the best move would be to look for a professional dentist in India or your specific area in order to get adequate treatment as soon as possible. 

3. Receding gums

Over the years, gums slowly recede which basically means that they shrink and move back, thus exposing the teeth more. Smoking, poor diet and dental hygiene, as well as teeth grinding. can all contribute to this condition. Again, the best preventative method is good oral hygiene involving regular teeth brushing and flossing, but quitting smoking is also recommended. However, if you notice this issue happening to you or a senior in your life, visit a dentist as soon as possible to receive adequate treatment. 

4. Dry mouth

Saliva production decreases with age and the process can be sped up by the use of certain medications. The  issue of dry mouth is, therefore, very common among the seniors. Sadly, dry mouth can lead to acid build-up causing tooth decay and cavities. There’s also the problem of cracked and/or swollen lips and tongue which causes pain and difficulty while speaking/eating. Drinking plenty of water is a must in this case together with using a dentist-recommended mouthwash. Chewing gum can also boost saliva production. 

5. Oral cancer

The older one gets the bigger the risk of oral cancer becomes. People who smoke a lot and drink alcohol regularly are at an even bigger risk of oral cancer. This is why it’s crucial for seniors to regularly visit the dentist for check-ups. Also, every change in the mouth such as sores and ulcers should be reported to the dentist as soon as possible. Acting quickly, in this case, can save lives. 

No one can escape the aging process but just because we age doesn’t mean we should let ourselves go and our health deteriorates even more. That said, practicing proper oral hygiene and having regular dentist appointments are absolute must-do practices that can better one’s lifestyle in senior years and improve overall health. 

Avail the Best of Vape Pens

What are the Vape Pens?

Vape Pens are also known as Electronic Cigarettes or E-Cigarettes. These devices are essentially vaporizer, colloquially known as Vapes. The primary difference between an actual cigarette and that of a vape pen is that the more harmful as well the irritating elements that are consumed indirect smoking are significantly reduced thus decreasing the ill effects of smoking drastically.

How does a vape pen function?

A vape pen or e-cigarette is a vaporizer that is operated with the aid of a battery and is often handheld, just like any other common cigarette. The difference lies in the fact that instead of nicotine abundant smoke of a regular cigarette, a vape pen uses flavored aerosol (often nicotine flavored for those hard-core smokers). 

The use of aerosol helps not only in the better extraction of ingredients, they help to decrease the ill effects of smoking by removing the harmful by-products. A typical vape pen is made up of the following primary components:


  • A storage area for the liquid aerosol also known as cartridge
  • The atomizer or the heating element
  • Battery
  • Microprocessor

The LED light (optional for some models)

A vape pen is usually activated by the inhaling activity of the smoker, which activates the heating element or atomizer. The atomizer then atomizes the cartridge to create aerosol smoke, thus giving the smoker an illusion of smoking and inhaling tobacco-induced smoke.

Types of Vape Pens

There are primarily four kinds of Vape Pens namely:

First Generation

They look just like a normal cigarette. Sometimes they look like a traditional pipe or cigar as well

Second Generation

They do not look like regular cigarettes at all. They are much bigger in size and consist of a tank and battery. The batteries are non-removable for these kinds of vape pens

Third Generating

A step higher than the second generation, the third generation vape pens essentially is made of mechanical battery sections (often called mods) and different voltage devices. They are constructed either on a metallic or heavy wooden base

Fourth Generation

The supreme product of the generation of vape pens, the fourth generation ones are equipped with components of higher technological advancement like devices that can control temperature and many others.

Difference between actual cigarettes and vape pens

As we progressed on the discussion, one can easily understand the primary difference between these two is the use of -actual tobacco in regular against that of tobacco-flavored aerosols in vape pens.
Apart from this one, the vape pens are heavier to hold as opposed to the regular sticks. Also, vape pens are battery-driven whereas simple ignited lighter or matchstick is enough to keep the regular ones lighted.


Even though the ill effects of smoking are drastically lessened by these vape pens, they cannot be deemed as completely harmless. A statutory warning has been issued in all outlets or websites selling these products that children, pregnant women, individuals with respiratory or any illness should avoid these products.

Useful Ways to Stop Children from Social Media Addiction

You would have gone through a saying that the family is the first school for a child. A child learns a lot from his family, especially his parents. After that, society comes. Socialization is crucial for every one of us. In today’s digital world, socialization has changed due to the advancement of social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Having profiles on social platforms has become a trend, and being active on these channels is necessary for some. Some of us spend a lot of time on these virtual platforms and get so addicted to it that some avoid doing essential things sometimes. ASPAM Scottish, one of the Top 10 Schools in Noida, keeps a vigil and takes the required steps to stop students from getting addicted to anything at school.

Unlike adults, children also use social media to some extent. Using these channels is not bad; it has both merits and demerits. Your kids can be a victim of having a physical encounter with wrong apart from issues like online predators and cyberbullying. Children have to face issues, as they are not well aware of what to and what not to post on social platforms. As conscious parents, you should keep away yourselves from the overuse of these social networking sites and teach what to do and how to do things on the same. Here are some practical tips that you can apply to stop your kids from getting addicted to social channels:

Have a close watch

In the interconnected virtual world, we are living today, being vigilant is critical. As conscious parents, you need to be careful when you notice that your children try to finish their meals fast and to avoid other activities. Keep in mind that it can be a sign of your child getting addicted to social media. Start having a look at his/her online activities and place a limit on his/her online presence. With it, you can curb the problem before it gets worse. At ASPAM Scottish, the best school in Noida Sector 62, we keep a close eye on all activities of our students on the school premises.

Encourage to avoid exploring everything on social channels

Sharing everything on social media is terrible. Disclosing personal details (likes & dislikes, real photos) can lead you or your child to have adverse effects that can be beyond your imagination. Your reputation can be at stake if your child posts inappropriate things on any of these virtual platforms. Apart from being harmful, it can breach your personal security. Therefore, it is critical for you to discourage your children from exploring and posting everything. Let him/her use it, but place a limit on the usage.

Ask your kids to have friends in the real world

You know the most significant effect of social media addiction is that your kid starts losing his/her interest in studies. He/she can’t concentrate due to constant distractions coming in the form of messages from social platforms. In some cases, your child can be a victim of cyberbullying and depression due to his/her disconnection with the friends of the real-world. You need to encourage your child to have friends in and around your location. By having more interaction with real-world friends, you can disconnect your son/daughter to online addiction.

Engage your kids in outdoor activities

As parents, you should make sure that your children must have enough exciting outdoor activities. The outdoor activities can be playing outdoor/indoor games, going to see friends and allied others. With your kids, you must spend quality time. Take out some time and play with your son/daughter if he/she has few friends or is an introvert. The best solution to stop your children from social media addiction is to keep your child away from the feeling of loneliness.

Organize a small party to help your child socialize

Your child is more valuable to you. So, it is crucial for you to raise him/her properly and shape him/her in being a good citizen. As humans, we are social animals. Let your child be social with children of his/her age-groups. You can organize small parties regularly and invite kids of the same age when you notice your child finds it hard to socialize. By inviting children to parties, you can encourage him/her to be social and stay away from being alone.

You can easily support your children to get rid of their social media craving by paying proper attention to the behavior of your kids. We, at ASPAM Scottish, one of the CBSE Schools in Noida, believe that constant communication with children and spending quality time with them will surely help parents to prevent their kids from getting addicted to social media. As parents, you will have no worries when you will encourage your children to have friends in the real world. At school, we also keep a close eye on the use of technology and encourage students to participate in outdoor activities.

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