Tuesday, 5 November 2019

How to Create Partnerships in the Yoga Community

Do you know how to create partnerships in the yoga community and how it can help you and your business?

It’s important for you as a yoga teacher to look at who you can work with to build your network. Today you will learn some tips on how to start creating your network!

Anybody Can Build a Network

Even if you just moved to a new city or you’re just starting out as a yoga teacher, you don’t have to really stand out and you don’t have to be really influential to attract like-minded people that you can work with. Building a network is one of the best things that you can do to boost your yoga career. 

The reason for that is because it opens up opportunities to collaborate and create partnerships that will enable you to be exposed to new audiences. 

If you’re just starting out, building your network is a really great place to start and building your community is free. 

Quite often we think

But if you spend a little bit of time just looking at your existing network, I’m sure that you do have some really amazing people that you could approach and start building your community. It’s all about leveraging your existing network.

How can you create partnerships in the yoga community?

There are many things that you can start doing right now to build your network in the yoga world:

Think About Who You Can Reach Out

Just spend half an hour thinking about your existing network! Think about the studios you work with, the teachers that you know, any brands, people that work in organizations and your friend’s family. Really think about who you already know that you can reach out to in your own network. 

Think about your friends and the companies that they work in and how they can help to get you in the door. Can they secure you a meeting with the right person to start corporate classes? Then creating a network could help you to achieve your goals.

Sometimes it’s the people we know that already have these connections. It’s just a case of reaching out and making contact.

List 10 Potential Partners

These are the people that you could have in your network. 

Think about people, brands, blogs and other yoga teachers. Think about these people in terms of your ideal students. 

You can ask yourself: Do they align with your values and the things that you believe in? Are you aligned and both trying to do the same thing? Do you have the same purpose?

It could be a yoga brand that you feel that is very well aligned to what you’re doing and the message that you’re sharing.

Think about whether they have got the same audience or they have your ideal students in their audience? Then have a think about how you might approach them.

What Can You Offer to the Partnership?

What is it that you offer that would be a benefit to that brand or yoga teacher? How could you approach your prospective partners?

You can start to have conversations with people on social media. Start commenting on posts that they’re putting out, so they start to see your name. 

You can chip away at this, it doesn’t have to be a thing that happens overnight. Maybe if you’ve got a blog you could create a blog post that mentions your potential partners. Do a nice little name drop on them, give them a bit of love and introduce them to your audience. 

You can just simply reach out with an email. There’s no harm in that. You can send an email and offer them an opportunity to collaborate. Tell them why you want to collaborate, share your idea and how it’s going to benefit them. 

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