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Losing yourself in the entrancing birthplace of yoga- India, could lead you to a new path of self discovery!

If yoga is your cup of tea, then India – the land of yogis beckons you for a relaxing yoga retreat – an experience one of its kind.   A land truly blessed with ethnic temples and shrines, the spirituality that dwells in its mountains and rivers, and enlightenment that spells out in the atmosphere, India presents you a sacred journey to deepen your yogic practice coupled with the purity of adventure.

“ If you are looking for inspiration, devotion and meditation, then India is the place to be,” says Yoga Guru Himanshu Joshi who leads a yoga school in India for yoga teacher training and yoga retreats in India.  It is in India indeed,that one gets a close-up view of a culture that yoga hails from.
Concept of yoga in India

In contrary to the west which emphasises on the sequences (asanas) and physical postures, the concept of asanas in India is just a part of the wider traditional subject.  So there is a greater degree of importance given to breathing and meditation , cleansing techniques, mantra chanting (devotional practices), karma yoga or community service and yoga philosophy.

Why a Yoga retreat in India

Though a yoga retreat may not necessarily be cheap in India today, these do give good returns in terms of quality and the add-ons that come with a particular retreat package.  For example a yoga retreat in Goa conducted by a quality yoga school in India, could include accommodation, healthy ayurvedic food, well-equipped premises and so on as a part of the package besides yoga sessions. Again a yoga retreat program in Rishikesh could include some exciting excursions, kirtan sessions (devotional songs ), cooking classes and more on the go.  Besides , you would also get a great opportunity to meet like-minded fellow yogis and make friends for a lifetime!

Yoga and India have an age-old connection. Every year, the subcontinent is visited by millions of tourists and yoga enthusiasts in search of wisdom and enlightenment. Not only is this land of yogis suitable for the learning of yoga but also for the practice of the same on account of its tranquil and peaceful spots such as Rishikesh, Goa, Dharamsala which favour yoga retreat sessions perfectly and act as wonderful escapades that many look forward to after taking a break from their hectic routine of city life.

What happens at a Yoga Retreat?

At a typical  yoga retreat session, you will find guided yoga sessions being  conducted by qualified and experienced yoga experts. While some retreat centres limit their programs to daily lessons only, there are many which entail an entire package such as yoga sessions in the mornings, breakfast and other activities like ceremonial gatherings or walks etc.

So does the idea of retreating from your conventional routine life and heading off to India to rebond with yourself appeal to you?  Then pack your bags and book your tickets to India for a  refreshing and rejuvenating yoga retreat ahead.

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