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Symptoms of Poor Gut Health

If you are a part of online health forums or belong to a community of health watchers, then you would have heard a lot of talk about gut health. The gut microbiome is another trending buzzword that may have taken you by surprise. The contribution of a healthy gut to the overall well-being of humans cannot be denied and is a hot topic of discussion in research circles as well. Several studies and lab tests pertaining to the significance of a healthy gut have already been performed and are still underway. Under these circumstances, it is recommended that new awareness is gained with regards to intestinal health and how it influences your overall well-being.

Read on to know more about what the medical community and researchers are talking about these days in context to the detoxification of the gut, with special mention to the signs and symptoms of a poor gut.

Importance of Good Gut Health

There have been numerous research reports and study results in the last couple of years that have established the link between the immune system and gut health. They also consolidate the association between autoimmune diseases, mental health, endocrine disorders, skin conditions, moods, cancer, etc. and your gut health. Fortunately, there are several methods for detoxifying your gut to keep your immune system and other vital organs in good order. Dr. Todd Watts from MicrobeFormulas says that many people use coffee enemas as a way to detox their gut. Just like coffee enemas, there are some other effective methods for the detoxification of your intestines and related systems. As good gut health translates to a healthier you, it is essential that you start taking more care of it at the earliest.

Gut Microbiome – A Closer Look

It’s quite possible that you’ve already come across the term gut microbiome that points to the microorganisms that live in your intestines. The term specifically relates to the hundreds of different species of bacteria that are found living in the digestive tract of humans. Out of these microorganisms, there are many that are beneficial to your health and the proper functioning of the digestive systems. These microorganisms are referred to as ‘good bacteria.’ Unfortunately, that’s not how all species of bacteria behave or function. There are several parasites, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms that inhibit the normal functioning of your body systems and vital organs. They have to be controlled in order to avoid infections, allergies, illnesses, and other poor health conditions.

Symptoms of a Badly Managed and Unhealthy Gut

 In modern times, there’s no dearth of triggers that cause poor gut health. The most common of these are too little sleep, high-stress levels, regular consumption of high-sugar foods, incessant craving for fast and processed food, and so forth. Antibiotics and potent medicines also contribute to the poor condition of the human gut in contemporary times and are best avoided. The quality of your gut largely influences the condition of your immune system, skin, brain, heart, weight, absorption of nutrients, hormone levels, and the incidence of cancerous cells. These conditions may show themselves in many different ways and through a variety of symptoms

Given below are the most common signs of an unhealthy gut.

1. Poor digestive system or upset stomach

There are several types of stomach disturbances that can leave your life in a mess. Be it bloating, constipation, diarrhea, gas, heartburn, or the other tell-tale signs of an upset digestive system, they all signal an unhealthy gut. In case you have a balanced intestine system, then you will not face any problems in digesting and processing the food consumed; neither will you face issues in waste elimination.

 2. High-sugar dietary habits

If you are prone to eating food items that contain added sugars or are processed in nature, then you paving the ground for the destruction of the good bacteria in your gut. The need of the hour is to detoxify your overall intestine system by taking care of your overall diet, including the levels of caffeine and alcohol consumption to your name. The imbalance of good bacteria and bad bacteria in your gut will lead to further sugar cravings to cause irreversible damages. For instance, the regular intake of high quantities of refined sugars, specifically high-fructose rich corn syrup, can cause high levels of inflammation in various parts of your body. Remember, as inflammation may precede different diseases, even cancers, you may want to nip the bud in its earliest stages.

3. Weight changes that are sudden and unwarranted

One of the most important signs of poor gut health relates to any unexplained weight gain or weight loss that leaves you puzzled. Such weight changes usually take place even when there are no evident changes in your lifestyle of food habits. These changes are the precursor to poor gut health. An unhealthy and imbalanced gut can lead to multiple problems like poor absorption of vital nutrients by the body, irregular blood sugar levels, and storage of fat. All these conditions pave the ground for obesity and overweight. The other causes of such weight gain are insulin resistance and the craving to overeat because of decreased nutrient absorption. On the other hand, any unwarranted weight loss can be attributed to the growth and spread of intestinal bacteria.

4. Constant fatigue and sleep disruptions

A gut that’s unhealthy is capable of contributing to different types of sleep-related problems such as insomnia. This, in turn, brings about the signs and symptoms of chronic fatigue. A large percentage of serotonin, the hormone responsible for influencing mood and sleep patterns, is naturally produced in your gut. Any damages related to the intestines and connected organs leads to disturbances in the overall quality of your sleep. As poor sleeping patterns can be detrimental for your health, it is recommended that you take all possible steps to detoxify your gut at the earliest opportunity.

Way Forward

The other nagging symptoms of an unhealthy gut are autoimmune conditions, skin irritations, intolerance to food, and so forth. If you are suffering from any of these symptoms and suspect an imbalance in your gut health, then it is important to take the right measures without fail. Get in touch with experts in microbiome balancing and health management for quick and effective results, today.

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