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Sunday, 6 October 2019

Exodus 8: A Refined and Reliable Kodi Add-On

In the world of raging digitalization, people are relying on several media to fulfill their entertainment needs. Whether it is YouTube or any social media sites, there is a plethora of software and applications that help users get in touch with the world and entertain themselves in many ways.

There are several media players that enable users to listen, watch, and enjoy different forms of media online. Kodi is one such open-source media player that is available on several operating systems. It was developed by XMBC foundation, a nonprofit technology consortium.

It is a multi-platform HTPC (Home Theatre PC) application that comprises of various features and plug-ins to improve its functionality. It enables users to stream online media content from different services such as Crackle, Pandora, Amazon Prime Instant Video, Rhapsody, Spotify, and YouTube.

Best Plug-ins of Kodi in September 2019

Kodi has sustained its performance as a reliable media player software with the help of its credible plug-ins. There are plenty of plug-ins that are used in Kodi software to make the user experience even more effective ad intuitive. Following are the top plug-ins of Kodi as in September 2019:-

Exodus 8

After being neglected by the developers, Exodus 8 has been adopted by the current developers, i.e., Kodi Bae. Exodus 8 is quite similar to its previous version with some tweaks here and there. It comes with a filtering option to choose from the movies and TV shows. Apart from the Trakt integration, Exodus 8 focuses on what’s on-air on popular TV channels.


Though everyone hopes that Exodus 8 is here to stay for a while, it is always better to have an alternative. That’s when Tempest comes into action. This incredible add-on can be used to stream movies and TV shows, along with integrating different movie tracking services.

The Magic Dragon

The Magic Dragon is yet another great Kodi add-on that plays an important role in making things easier for the users. It comprises a wide range of media content, including movies, TV shows, sports, and even radio channels. It is a third party dependent add-on that will make you rely on a working link always.

Movie Theater Butter

A clone for Exodus 8, Movie Theater Butter streams online movies and TV shows. Both add-ons have similar features. The only difference that sets them apart is that Movie Theater Butter finds you the best stream and automatically plays it instead of listing dozens of links.


Loki has been a consistent Kodi add-on since last one year. It faced several severe issues when it was first brought into Kodi world. However, developers have dedicated their time and efforts to improve its functionality for the users. Loki has filtered categories of movies, TV shows, cartoons, sports, etc., from where you can select your stream.

Nole Cinema

Nole Cinema has been introduced from the last two years, and gradually it is expanding the library as well. As the name suggests, Nole Cinema is all about movies that majorly comprises of mainstream Hollywood movies as well as some International picks.

What is Exodus 8?

Exodus 8 is a popular Kodi add-on that has enables users to stream videos online without any hassle. The reason behind its raging popularity among Kodi users is its vast collection in the library.

Is Exodus 8 Legal?

It depends on different regions to decide whether it is legal to use Exodus 8. Countries like UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, and France have made it illegal to stream videos from pirated sites. There are several movies, and TV shows listed on Exodus belong to such illegal sites that make Exodus 8 illegal in these countries. Users can either stop using Exodus or seek assistance from VPN to encrypt internet traffic and safely use the Kodi add-on.

Is Exodus 8 Safe?

When it comes to online safety, it is essential to keep you Kodi secure. It is advised not to spam Kodi with add-ons as it can be hazardous just like viruses. Exodus 8 is pretty safe to use from the online safety’s perspective. Exodus add-on has rolled back its malicious code that was inserted in its February 207 update.

Steps To Install Exodus 8 Kodi Add-on

  • Go to System Settings icon on Kodi software.
  • Search for File Manager and click on Add Source.
  • Click when it shows None and enter the path location of Exodus 8 add-on.
  • Double-check for any errors and click Ok.
  • Go to the main menu of the app and click on add-ons
  • Select Add-on Packager installer.
  • Search for the zip file and click install. A popup box will be opened, click on Transform from the menu and click Repos.
  • A drop down will appear. Search and click
  • A pop up will appear on the top right side of the screen saying “Kodi bae Repository Installed.”
  • Go to Install from Repository and click on Kodi Bae Repository.
  • Click on Video add-ons and search Exodus.
  • Once you find Exodus, click Install.

There are plenty of media player software and apps in the market that has been doing a great job providing a seamless way for users to stream online videos. Kosi has given an immense contribution as an open-source media player that uses several add-ons to make the user experience flawless.

Exodus 8 is one such add-on that comprises of a wide range of movies, and TV shows collection in its library. After being abandoned by the developers, Exodus 8 emerged into reality as a reliable Kodi add-on preferred by users all over the globe.

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Windows 10 Superfetch For A Better And Effective Performance

Managing computer software resources and hardware, an operating system offers services to computer programs. Apart from all the other operating systems that have been introduced in the computer world, Windows is the most popular and reliable operating system.

Windows 10 is the current version of Windows operating systems that is brimmed with several features that have made it one of the significant operating system update of Windows. One of the prominent features of Windows 10 is its support for universal apps and expansion of metro style apps.

Windows 10 and Superfetch

Whether it was Microsoft Edge web browser or upgraded Windows 10 Superfetch, this operating system update has received positive reviews since its introduction in July 2015. Critics applauded the updates of Windows 10 and even deemed it better than its previous version, Windows 8.

There’s no doubt in asserting that Windows 10 has some definite improvement from its previous version. In order to prevent it from getting sluggish and slow, it is important to configure it properly. There are several ways through which you can improve the performance of your Windows 10.

Windows 10 Superfetch is a lesser-known feature that you should be acquainted with in order to keep your Windows performance better and effective.

What is Windows 10 Superfetch?

Introduced in Windows Vista, Superfetch is a feature in the Windows operating system that ensures better and effective performance over time. Superfetch can be found in the Task Manager with the name “Service Host: Superfetch.” It continuously monitors the RAM usage patterns in the background and determines what type of apps is most used by you.

Superfetch automatically makes these apps “frequently used” and loads them into RAM. It makes it easier for apps to load faster than they are generally expected to. When you want to open a frequently used app, Superfetch will launch it much faster as it is pre-loaded in the memory.

Superfetch is not similar to Prefetch which was introduced in Windows XP as a pre-loading memory manager. Windows 10 Superfetch is considered as the successor of Prefetch that takes up all the RAM space for pre-loading the frequently used apps. Superfetch never occupies much space as it works on the unused memory and it relinquishes the memory whenever needed.

Issues Arising Due To Superfetch

If you are equipped with high-performance PC, Windows 10 Superfetch will work effortlessly. There’s no doubt in asserting that Superfetch expedites the functioning of your operating system by preloading the apps. There are some issues that are generally caused by Superfetch overtime.
  1. Superfetch uses CPU and RAM as it is always running in the background.
  2. Superfetch will not eliminate the need to load the app, and it instead relocates the loading time. Hence, whenever the app is loaded, the system will experience sluggishness.
  3. When Superfetch is loading data from HDD to RAM, it tends to become sluggish and lose its speed. In case your HDD is working at 100% for a few minutes after you start or restart your PC, then there are chances that your Superfetch is the culprit.
  4. When Windows 10 is installed on SSD, the performance of Superfetch will remain unnoticeable. SSDs are extremely fast that it almost eliminates the need for a Windows 10 Superfetch.
  5. Superfetch also causes performance issues during gaming, especially on systems with 4GB or less RAM.

How To Disable Windows 10 Superfetch?

Disabling Superfetch is not a recommended way unless used as a troubleshooting measure to eliminate potential performance issues. Superfetch should be enabled in the operating system in order to improve the overall performance.

Following are the steps to disable Windows 10 Superfetch from your PC:-

Using Services App

  • Launch Service App:It is important to open the services app on your PC. For this, go to Start Menu and search for services. Launch the services app. You can also use the Run Prompt as well. Just type Windows key+R, and type services.msc and click enter.
  • Disable the Superfetch Service:Once you have launched services apps, scroll down to find the Superfetch. Click to open the Superfetch option and tap on Stop to disable the function of Superfetch.
  • Prevent Superfetch From Autorun:While being in the services app, right-click on the Superfetch option and go to properties. Search for Startup Type from the General Tab and turn it to Disable.

Using Registry Editor

Though the services app is considered as the preferred approach to disable Superfetch, you can also use registry editor if the services app doesn’t work. Before starting, make sure you have backed up the registry in order to prevent any loss.
  • Open Registry Editor: Go to Start Menu and search for regedit. Or seek assistance from Run prompt with Windows+R and typing regedit.
  • Find Superfetch: With the help of left sidebar navigate to the below place:-
  • / SYSTEM / CurrentControlSet / Control / Sessiom Manager / MemoryM
  • Disable Superfetch: Once you reach the destination, you would see Enable Superfetch key in the right panel. Right-click on it and go to Modify to enable key editor. Make the value data to 0 in order to disable Superfetch.

Windows 10 is undoubtedly the best Windows version ever. Whether it is the improved functionality or added features, Windows 10 has never deserted any opportunity to make things better for the Windows users. Windows 10 Superfetch is yet another feature introduced in Windows operating system that helps in maintaining and improving the system’s performance over time.

The above mentioned were some of the detailed information regarding Superfetch and how can you better use it to improve the performance of your Windows computer. Follow the guidelines and keep your operating system healthy and functioning with Windows 10 Superfetch.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Looking At Video Content Through A Business Lens

Video has never been as integrated and accessible in our day to day lives than right now. Not only are we constantly browsing video content on our devices, these same devices double as video cameras themselves. There’s a latent potential for any of today’s industry professionals to become video content producers. For many, the only thing stopping them from taking the step into video stardom is that sensible business question around cost/benefit – is it profitable?

The simple answer is yes. The sophisticated answer is that it depends on how you use video as a tool to elevate your business.

The power of video extends beyond social media. It can completely transform your relationships with your customers and staff. This means videos can extend your reach while also humanising your brand — and, when done right, with little time investment.

In TechSmith’s ‘Value of Visuals’ research they found that adopting visual communication in the workplace could give employees about 33 minutes back in their week. Let’s explore how using videos as part of normal course of business can help you save time every day and, allow you to better communicate internally and externally.

Customer relationships are about people connecting with people

Regardless of your industry, company size, or target audience, you’ll be faced with the challenge of having to be available around the clock for your customers. While a 24/7 customer service department is desirable, for many companies it simply isn’t an option.

Instead, using video and imagery within your customer support material as an extension of your brand goes a long way to build a connection with your customers. With some effort spent upfront in creating videos and tutorials, you’ll have a library of on-demand content for your customers to reference. With each video you’re getting an extra touchpoint with your audience and connecting in a personal way.

While it doesn’t replace one-on-one conversations with people, there’s real value in using visuals to communicate. A recent study conducted by TechSmith found two-thirds of people understand information better when it’s communicated visually — and 48% of people found video the most engaging form of communication. By making it as easy as possible for your target audience to discover and grasp the information they’re looking for, you’ll be a step closer to gaining them as a customer.

Your offering and target audience will help shape the kind of content you can and should produce. A great starting point is with a video illustrating who you are, showcasing your product or service, and answering some commonly asked questions. Videos cement human touch into your business’ brand identity and the relationship becomes personal rather than transactional.

Flexibility, time-efficiency, integration – all captured with a camera

Managing a business requires a diverse range of skills and abilities. In today’s market, video content creation has become a requirement for any business looking to engage with their own team.

The same findings from the study commissioned by TechSmith are just as relevant within the workplace: people absorb information better and are more likely to be motivated by visuals than plain-text. In other words, your employees don’t want to read long-winded emails.

Anything from short messages to longer instructional videos has been shown to save time and improve the performance of employees. Videos can also ensure you’re sharing a consistent message across your organization. Rather than an employee attempting to relay information to colleagues from a previous conversation, a video recording removes any chance of distortion of information occurring. Short videos can be recorded and available for staff to watch on-demand or during their next shift – giving time back to you and your employees.

Most importantly, visuals put a face to the message. Where emails leave many to forget there’s a human on the other end, videos help to create a human, eye-to-eye connection. Seeing a person, hearing their voice, and seeing their body language is essential for feeling connected and motivated, and enriches the amount of information communicated, even if viewed on a screen.

Once you begin integrating video into your schedule, it will quickly become apparent where else video communication lends itself. Here are some key areas to get started with.

*  When onboarding a new employee, record each time you run them through a new program via screen recording to capture the lesson. This will become part of an archive of video lessons that can be referred to in the future.

*  Try recording a quick video message in lieu of written email memos. You’ll find it noticeably quicker to simply speak your thoughts rather than taking the time to type out a message. With a video memo, the recorder and receiver both have the added benefit of verbal and physical expression through voice and body language that just isn’t captured in a typical email.

*  Remote workers are more present today than ever with cloud-based work becoming integral to our work lives. While working remotely can be extremely convenient, it can also lead to fragmentation within an organisation with remote workers becoming ‘outsiders’. Encouraging employees to communicate with remote co-workers across different time zones working asynchronously via recorded screencasts and including them in internal meetings can significantly boost team unity and integration.

It is important to remember the above tips are meant to simplify, and not to complicate. While you’ll want your customer-facing videos to capture your brand identity and fulfil a certain level of quality of production, you don’t need professional equipment or experience to create engaging content. In fact, creation tools that streamline the video-making process like TechSmith’s Camtasia are more affordable than ever. It’s simply a matter of making that first video.

From meeting recordings and company announcements to tutorials and FAQs, videos allow you to be in many places at once.

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