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Google AMP and SEO Services Rishikesh


AMP stands for “accelerated mobile pages.” AMP is an open source project designed to help web publishers create mobile-optimized content that loads instantly on all devices.AMP loads faster and looks better than standard HTML pages on mobile devices. Google wants a webpage with rich content like video, animation, and graphics to work alongside smart ads , and to load instantaneously. google also wants to work on same code so the content can appear everywhere in an instant - and it does'nt matter that which type of device you are using. If you are looking for a SEO company in Dehradun then your search will definitely end on us. as we are the leading SEO service provider in Dehradun.

Google's goal with AMP is to deliver the best possible mobile experience to its users.Google doesn't want the user to have to wait to read or see something. 

1. Google always wants to serve as fast as possible.

 As we know that the median load time for AMP-coded content is 0.7 seconds, while the median load time for a non-AMP pages is 22 seconds.

On February 23, 2016, Google officially integrated AMP-powered web pages into its mobile search results. AMP-coded pages appear in a mobile search results 

"carousel," and they feature an AMP icon that looks like a thunderbolt, as well as the acronym "AMP."

2. How does Google AMP work?

According to Google - "The open AMP HTML framework piggybacks on existing web technologies, but it also lets site owners create "light-weight" web pages.

"AMP-HTML is simply HTML5 with a set of specifications (requirements and restrictions). "The optimization is powered by JavaScript, styling can be customized via 

CSS3, and pages are cached."Caching is core to AMP.

The Google AMP cach function is similar to a content delivery network (CDN), which is free for everyone to use and it works on stale-while-revalidate model. 

according to this model the content always up to date in cache.

3. What types of sites should use AMP? 

 AMP is  relevant for different types of businesses, such as ecommerce organizations, for which the AMP results carousel and other components are well-suited.AMP is 

an important part of balance marketing strategy.

4 Why use google Amp?

AMP pages load faster than all but the most highly optimized HTML pages. This reduces the amount of time between when someone clicks your ad and when they see your landing page.Once you’ve created an AMP version of a landing page, you can treat it like you would any other mobile landing page.  To route users to your landing  Best SEO Company in Haridwar We Offer is a big city in Uttarakhand. every day a new business opens in Haridwar. due to which competition has increased a lot. if you want to make your business familiar for the customers, then you need to take help from an SEO consultant and what exactly we are.

page, enter the AMP page URL into the Mobile URL field of your ads or in the Mobile URL field of your keywords. Then when a mobile user clicks your ad, they’ll be 

sent to your AMP landing page. Tons of global brands have adopted Google AMP to better serve their target audiences and customers. we offer the most effective Search engine optimization service in Rishikesh and beyond. being one of the first few SEO company in Rishikesh, it is our duty to give the best result to our customers.

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