Thursday, 26 December 2019

Festive Hairstyles You Can Try for Your Upcoming Holiday Parties

Are you searching for a holiday hairstyle? Don’t worry, with this guide, you can learn about festive hairstyles.

From the traditional bow to hair tinsel, holiday party hairstyles have become a creative masterpiece. Now let’s take a look fifteen hairstyles you’ll want to try this holiday season:

Half Up, Half Down

This classic hairstyle is easy to throw together and looks perfect for any celebration. You can elevate this look by adding braids, a bun, or waves to your hair.

To be more festive, you can also add a black or red ribbon to your hairstyle. Just remember, spay a little hairspray once you’re finished to keep your holiday look in place.

A Bubble Ponytail

If you need a statement piece, this unique hairstyle will surely do the trick. Since you only need a couple of hair ties, this ponytail is perfect to wear if you have limited resources. To make your ponytail more festive, just add some pearl bobby pins or some colorful bows.

A Festive Bow

This classic holiday hairstyle takes little time to prep. All you need is a velvet bow, and you’re ready to go. You can create a high ponytail, a half ponytail, or even a bun. If you want to be creative, you can braid your hair to create a contrast between the two styles.

A Headband

If you want an add an extra flair to your natural hairstyle, grab a headband. Headband’s display your natural hair while adding a pop of color and design.
If you don’t like how structured headbands can be, try an elastic headband. Elastic headbands are often stretchy and are made of soft material.

High Ponytail

High ponytails are perfect to wear to celebratory events. Since they only take minutes to do, it’s the perfect option if you’re limited on time.

However, if you do have a few minutes, curl the ends of the ponytail and style it with styling gel. It will add a little extra design to your look.

A Fishtail Braid

If you’re looking for a showstopping hairstyle, this holiday look will certainly do the trick. Although, due to its complicated styling, it’s likely to take some time to complete. It’s best if you visit a salon to have it properly created.

There the stylist can add accessories like bows, barrettes, or even glitter to make your hairstyle more festive.

Jewel-Toned Bobby Pins

To add a winter vibe to any hairstyle, just add some jewel-toned bobby pins. You can place them strategically around a bun, a braid, or even throughout your natural hair. Since they provide a pop of color and an element of design, they’re a great addition to any holiday hairstyle.

Teased Ponytail

This fun holiday look is easy to create and perfect to wear if you have limited time. Just spray some sea-salt spray and scrunch your hair to texturize, and your good to go.
If you want to add more volume to your look, you can go the old fashion route and tease your hair with a comb. You can also add some gel to create your finishing look.

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