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Best Time For Manaslu Circuit Trek

More often than it is a common question I receive from my readers, “When is the best time to trek Manaslu Circuit?”. Hiking in the high altitude is not something you can consider any time of the year. Commonly, You must know the weather, temperature, snow falling season, and wind speed of the elevation above 4,000m. While on the other side, you should also consider the time that avoids landslide, convenient transportation available to the trailhead, monsoon, and the humidity in lower elevation below 2,000m.

Greetings to my readers. My name is Ram Ashish, a local guy born and raised on the lap of Mount Manaslu. I have been writing about Nepal Himalayas for a long time, and here I am keen to share some ideas that everything you should know about Manaslu trek. Especially when is the best time for this trek? For this article, I’m sharing a logic by month to month. By the end of this article, If you find this post helpful, please send us a rating as appropriate as you consider. 

Manaslu Circuit Trek in January 

Generally, January has the coldest climate. The temperature is too low that it might tumble to – 15 degrees. It is difficult to anticipate the heat as the winter storms visit this area from time to time in this month of the year. The cold and frosty climate in Manaslu makes January one of the less crowded month for trekking. Even though the temperature is cold and frigid, the sky appears nice and bright throughout the day. The perspective of snowcapped mountains solidified cascades, waterfalls, lakes, and the stream is pristine in January. 

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January is not the best, due to it is freezing in the high pass and likely snowbound. Before mid-January, However, it is common to see some hikers in Manaslu. If you are one of them, planning to Trek Manaslu in winter here is what you should consider.

  1. Bring enough layer and other necessary equipment 
  2. Microspike is a life savvier don’t forget to include them in your packing list. 
  3. Choose a local company that has established experience in the region. 

Likely, Dharmasala and Bhimtang (A camp before and after the high pass) might be closed. If that happens, there are some alternatives. Each company has their style on how they organize. The most company organized a primitive camp in Dharmasala and Bhimtang. But in our case, we contact the tea house owner in advance to have an extra key. Open the tea house as we go and close it after we use it. I know it sounds fancy, but because of our legacy in this area as one of the largest trek operator for the region. We have been doing this for a couple of years now. If we believe so, please let us know. We are more than happy to help you out.

Manaslu Trek in February 

 In the past few years, February remains a falling snow month. But the most dramatic, which is very dangerous sometimes if the snowfall is heavy. The initial days of February are cold and frigid while the end is fresh spring. From mid-February, the winter starts to vanish. The temperature ascends just as snow begins liquefying. Likewise, Rhododendron and other blossoms in the forests begin to sprout. From mid-February, a hiker starts exploring the Himalayas. But last Spring 2019, including Manaslu and other classical trails such as Annapurna Circuit Trek, Annapurna Base Camp were close because of the heavy snowfall. Please make sure you will contact your agency before making a plan.

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