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10 Incredible Health Benefits of Vrikshasana (Tree Pose)

Yoga comprises of many variant forms, but the roots are placed in Hatha Yoga. From there the modifications and innovation began. Vedas has given the wisdom to live in a healthy, a more abundant way. The tradition of keeping the yogic lifestyle alive is the role of the yogis today. Today, let’s explore Vrikshasana or the health benefits of tree pose- a simple yet powerful pose that can be performed every day.

Vrikshasana is a Sanskrit word where Vriksha means ‘tree’ and asana means ‘pose’. The posture is a replica of a steady tree. It is a Hatha Yoga form and can be practiced by all including the beginners. Unlike many other poses, in this pose, you are asked to keep your eyes open so that it’s easy for you to balance on one leg. It is advised to practice this pose on an empty stomach or 4-6 hours after your meal. It is ideal to perform the Vrikshasana pose in the morning to intensify your focus and concentration. Early in the morning, your mind is clear and fresh, making it easier for you to channelize your energy flow in the right direction.


  • Stand straight, then drop and relax your arms on the side of the body.
  • Bend the right knee, place the right foot on your left thigh. The sole should be firm and flat.
  • The left leg should be erect. By coming to this stance, breathe in and find your balance.
  • With a deep breath, raise your arms overhead and bring them in a Namaste form.
  • To make it easier for you to balance, find a point on the wall and hold the gaze.
  • Keep the spine straight and bring your hands down by simultaneously releasing the right leg.
  • Switch the legs, and practice for a minimum of about 10-15 minutes daily.
Let’s jump into the health benefits of Vrikshasana (tree pose). Build a life of a seeker and an achiever with the yogic practices. Shine in all the other aspects of life by making optimum use of the health benefits through Yoga. Vrikshasana offers tremendous inner and outer strength to all age-groups. Yoga which means ‘union’ is not gender-specific; here you and I are just mortal beings searching for the ‘meaning of life’.

10 Incredible Health Benefits of Vrikshasana (Tree Pose)

  1. Strengthens your spine by improving your posture. Balance and add more poise to your daily life.
  2. It aids and improves your neuro-muscular coordination. The deep-breathing helps in sustaining your mental-stability with physical compatibility.
  3. Tone up your calves, thighs and leg muscles by holding on to this pose. The pose looks simple but if you lack balance in your life, you may not find it very intriguing. With patience comes the muscles and better health.
  4. This pose deepens your thorax. Make progress in refining yourself with Vrikshasana.
  5. Improve your power of balance- mental, physical and emotional. Align all the three to lead a comfortable life, or else you will be the pendulum going left and right. To be on your path, you must connect with yourself.
  6. The sense like the eyes, ears are also more active when you build your focus while performing this pose.
  7. It gives relief from sciatica and reduces the condition of flat feet. Among the many benefits that Yoga brings, the most beneficial is the natural way of healing.
  8. Strengthen the bones of the legs and hips, the ligaments of ankles and feet. This pose helps to nurture the body by adjusting the movements.
  9. Establish public stability. Learn how to stay calm and composed even in tough situations.
  10. Highly improves focus and concentration with the dhyana practice.


  • People with high blood pressure must avoid doing this asana.
  • Insomnia and Migraine affected people should also avoid.
  • Not suitable for people with hip-injury and knee problems.

The tree pose reminds the connection of the self with the earth as it provides nourishment and sustenance to all living beings. Vrikshasana inserts life to all the weakened sections of the body, filling them with light and natural force. Gain the flexibility of becoming one by rooting yourself in the mother earth with Vrikshasana pose. Grow internally as you blossom from within just like a tree under the sun, under the moon, and in the wind. Don’t let the outward world move you during the difficult days of tornados and storms with the help of the elegant poses of Yoga.

Gain wisdom even from a Vriksha (tree) to rise only in the upward direction. Transform yourself and let your inner-beauty stretch out to hold the hands of the universe. Allow Yoga to be your medium, your road towards higher spiritual education. Namaste!

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