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Cruise Control Diet

Cruise Control Diet: What Is It And Some Savoring Recipes You Can Enjoy

It’s a tedious task to lose weight, ask someone who’s been struggling with overweight and not benefiting much despite efforts. The primary reason that people struggle to lose weight despite exercising is because they ignore the importance of a healthy diet. Remember, it’s 90% nutrition and 10% exercises that actually offer results. Eating clean and in optimum amount is an imminent necessity. Which is why you should be looking forward to eating healthy diets such as the cruise control diet.

What Is A Cruise Control Diet?

Underrated and less popular than a keto diet plan, a cruise control diet is actually a spectacular weight loss program designed by a fitness expert, James Ward. It’s less stringent than other diet plans; thence easier to follow. That said, this diet is actually based on the principle of intermittent fasting.

But, why so effective?

That’s the first question that knocks the door of minds since there are many other weight loss diet plans already.

Still, cruise control diet is gaining popularity because, for one, a cruise control diet increases the fasting interval between meals that leads to speedier weight loss and two, since the diet allows you to crash on junk food that you like for 2 days in a week, it naturally fits into the regular cycle.

As simple as that, a crash control dieting plan will never spike your cravings for chocolate and sweets. Which is why it’s easier, healthier, and less frustrating to follow.

The Cruise Control Diet Jumpstart Guide

Impressed already? Attracted even, that you won’t have to push aside all your favorite sweets? Well, it’s natural. So, if you’re a beginner wanting to explore the domain of the cruise control weight loss program, you should first be aware of a few simple facts listed below.
  • Allow yourself the leisure of natural foods only.
  • Quit processed foods.
  • Cookies, ice creams, and chocolates? You can savor them twice a week to keep your taste buds happy.
  • Really, there’s no need to track every calorie you consume and every calorie you burn.

That said, now comes the primal knowledge about how this diet produces results. Well, it does so in 3 stages, listed below.

Metabolism Kick Starting Phase

The program begins with taming your body to adjust the perfect balance between insulin and blood sugar. Why?

Well, insulin deposits unused calories as fat in the body. When your body works in a way that it is able to burn more calories rather than leaving them unconsumed in the blood as sugar, the weight starts coming down automatically. Give your body a time of 2 weeks to adjust initially.

How To Start?

When beginning, start eating natural foods. Instead of snacking all through the day, increase the number of hours between your meals. It will put your body in a fasting state. In fact, celebrity author, Jorge Cruise, quotes that, “It’s (intermittent fasting) is the magic formula for accelerating your metabolism“. Also, another major research conducted by the University of California on lab mice supports this claim.

The Cruise Control Phase

Adjusted with the foods already? Yes? So, now your body is entering the cruise control stage.

This phase should last for 3 weeks. You have to treat your body with whatever junk food you like twice a week for 3 weeks.

The Rapid Fat Burning Phase

It will begin by the 6th week of the dieting program and will continue until the 8th week. You’d be surprised with the end results.

Now comes the reality check!

No, this 8-week dieting plan is not an instant fix. The maximum weight you’ll be losing with the first cycle of this dieting program will not exceed 50 lbs. And trust us when we say this, losing weight is more of a lifestyle thing. Thus, lose weight in a healthy way, that requires patience, if you want lasting results.

Now, that you know what this 8-week diet program is, it’s time you learn why and how is it different from the keto diet plan.

Cruise Control Diet Vs Keto

According to Jorge Cruise, a perpetual keto diet can turn you gaunt, instead of slim. In his words, and we quote, ” If you do straight keto, you literally look like a stick“.

This is where the differences begin.
  • Anyone can start the cruise control diet, but, it’s needed that you consult your physician before a keto diet if you have diabetes.
  • The keto weight loss program keeps the body in a constant weight loss phase. It can lead to weakness. But, the cruise control diet program is divided into 2 stages – fed stage and fasting stage. 

Therefore, it’s rare that you will ever feel weak.

That said, experts believe that a cruise control diet is a better and easier version of the keto diet, and it is just as effective as the latter.

List Of Foods To Munch On A Cruise Control Diet

  • Fresh fruits and veggies
  • Lean meats
  • Grains with protein
  • Seeds and nuts

Besides, you’re free to make your food spicy if you like it that way. In other words, you don’t have to live on boiled and tasteless food.

Cruise Control Diet Recipes

We have listed a few interesting cruise control diet recipes you can eat for breakfast as well as lunch and dinner.

Avocado Toast For Breakfast

This is an instant-make recipe for busy people.

  • Take 1 avocado and 1 tomato and cut them into thin slices.
  • Take a brown bread, keep a cheese slice on top of it, sprinkle some black pepper, salt, and some lemon syrup according to your taste.
  • Keep the avocado and tomato slices on top.
  • Cover with another slice of brown bread and enjoy your sandwich.

Rice Noodles For Lunch And Dinner

This yummy cruise control diet recipe is best for lunch and dinner.
  • Take 1 cup of rice noodles and boil them.
  • Take olive oil in a pan, add chopped onions in it and let them turn golden yellow.
  • Now add chopped and boiled cubes of carrot, broccoli, and lettuce in the pan.
  • Add spices according to the taste and saute for 2-3 minutes.
  • Add boiled noodles in the pan and add ½ tsp of vinegar to complete the recipe.

These are the foods that you can eat, but there are some foods you cannot eat when on a cruise control diet. A simple list includes:
  • Fried potato chips
  • Packaged juice and soda
  • Frozen foods
  • Artificial colors and flavors

On a closing note, cruise control diet is one of the safest and all-satisfying diet plans that are easy for beginners too. So, if you’ve just started on your journey to weight loss, try this diet for best results.

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