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10 Amazing & Expressive Karwa Chauth Sargi Gifts for Bahu from Saas!

Karwa Chauth is of those festivals that celebrate the love, care, and affection of the husband for the wife and the respect, care, concern, and loyalty of the wife for the husband. With small steps, this auspicious festival is about to come and being a mother-in-law; you have many responsibilities on your shoulder like giving Sargi gifts to Bahu and preparing the Sargi puja thali. But, the rituals and the traditions of this festival are the heart of Karwa Chauth, and to make it amazing, gifts have an important role to play.

If you are confused what gifts are to be given to the Bahu on this auspicious occasion, then to make the task simple, here is a compiled list of gifts is given from which you can pick Karwa Chauth gifts for daughter-in-law with the Sargi thali and bless her with your love.

1. A dishwasher is a new trend!

This is one of the best gifts that you can get for the whole house. A dishwasher will surely be a perfect thing that will lessen your time and will also reduce the workload. You both will use it and will take some out for yourself from the household chores.

2. What about a classy handbag?

On this Karwa Chauth, gift your darling daughter-in-law a classic handbag that she can carry with her anywhere from the office to market. Be it a tote bag or a shoulder bag; every form is special in its own. She will love your gift and to you too no doubt.

3. A royal dry-fruit collection

Enrich the Sargi thali with some amazing and healthy dry-fruits that she can have as a pre-dawn meal. You can easily find the lavish dry-fruit boxes that look super awesome and classic to give as a gift.

4. New and latest sarees as a gift

Ethnic wears are something that can never be out of fashion. To make the festival of Karwa Chauth more special and amazing, you can gift your daughter-in-law some latest and trendy saares that she can carry proudly and confidently. She gonna love your gifts for sure.

5. New wall hanging for her room

You can gift her something that can give a cooler and funky look to her room. If she is a quirky artwork lover, then you can get a cool wall-hanging for her. One thing more that you can add to it to make it more amazing is a photo-collage of photos. A big photo wall-hanging will enhance the look and make the room more attractive.

6. Gold is never old!

Being a traditional Indian woman, gifting gold to the Bahu has importance in Indian culture now also. You can also gift her some gold in the form of jewelry engraved with some modern design. This will be a much appreciated and valued gift at the time of the festival.

7. Give her wings with a new ride!

If your Bahu loves to drive a car or a scooty, then you can give her a surprise by getting a new ride for her. This will increase her confidence and will also motivate her to do better in her life. So, don’t tie her wings and set her free to fly high in the sky. Your support that is reflected through this small gift matters a lot for her.

8. A relaxing salon appointment is not bad

After a tiring preparation of Karwa Chauth, you both must be tired and exhaust. Why not spend half of your day in a salon getting hair cut and facial? Just get your bags done and free yourself for this amazing experience. And when in the night, the husbands will see you both; this will be a treat for them. You can either fix an appointment for your daughter-in-law only or you both can go together as this will be more fun.

9. Who doesn’t like a full-fledged make-up kit?

Females have a soft corner for make-up. Being a lady, you understand that very well. If your daughter-in-law also loves to wear make-up, then you can get a classic make-up kit for her. This will also brighten up her festival and also she can use it for a longer time.

10. Be her less mother-in-law and more mom!

This is the best gift that you can give to your daughter-in-law. There are ups and downs in every relationship, but overcoming them is the way to be in peace and relaxing state. If there are some misunderstandings in between both of you, then it’s better to clear them as soon as possible because leaving them will cause further mutations in the relationship. So, be like a friend to her and let her open up to you.

All the gifts mentioned above will work well as a Karwa Chauth gift for your loving daughter-in-law. If you want to make this festival special for your Bahu who is dwelling out of the land, then you can Send Karwa Chauth Gifts online to her very easily from This is a gifting portal that has an amazing collection of Sargi gifts, Karwa Chauth puja thali and other items that are perfect to wish your daughter-in-law. So, try them out and ginger-up your festival. 

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