Saturday, 21 September 2019

Business Intelligence Tools and Why You Should Use Them

Business Intelligence (BI) is a set of applications, practices, technologies, and tools to help companies analyze, collect, and integrate data. Introducing BI tools to enterprises and organizations help develop technology-driven procedures that may involve data mining, reporting, and analytical processing.

Several benefits exist from using BI tools to assist firms in various industries with their data gathering and processing. Here are four reasons why you should start using BI tools:

Empowers Productivity

Professionals who have direct and easy access to the data they need may help create a focus on delivering specific tasks. Without the required information, employees might need to do extra assignments to have the data they require. Thus, it might lead to a waste of valuable resources, especially for the personnel’s time and effort.

BI tools help create an impact on key personnel in prioritizing essential tasks. A data-driven approach with the help of BI-oriented applications may also open new opportunities for recording Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Decision-makers can study these KPIs to create unique plans for incentives and rewards for hardworking employees.

Consider using BI software with a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). A CMMS software helps companies to:

  • Track orders
  • Schedule tasks
  • Accept work requests
  • Record assets and inventories

Turn Data Into Actionable Strategies

Various businesses use different analytical tools to help operations in developing strategic plans. Using a reliable BI system helps decision-makers identify key industry trends and patterns. The data gathered may help firms make essential connections and collaborations among the different departments.

BI tools help key personnel understand the implications of specific actions. Use the features from the system to help enhance abilities in identifying threats and opportunities. Thus, BI software may also aid companies in staying one step ahead of competitors.

It may also allow the company to save business resources. Various BI tools might help organizations streamline data gathering, handling, and reporting. Employees might also allocate more time in completing essential tasks, thereby increasing opportunities to enhance productivity.

Reduce Stress from Micromanaging

Micromanagement allows business owners and managers to oversee every operation in the organization regardless of importance. Micromanaging might seem tempting at first, but it may lead to undesirable results. Still, trying to manage every part of a company or team isn’t all bad.

First, it allows decision-makers to gain excellent control over operations. Also, it enables every team member to be up to speed at all times. Nonetheless, micromanagement may leave a negative impression on specific employees. For instance, a boss might become obsessed with micromanaging every part that it can annoy employees. Also, the process may damage trust among team members.

Aside from barking orders, managers can micromanage with the help of BI tools. Use a BI application to identify critical parameters that may lead the company to success. Also, specific apps with BI features may help reduce stress from employees regardless of the job position. The data gathered by the program might help employees take accountability but in a transparent setting.

Gain Sales and Marketing Know-how

Startup companies might find it challenging to gain the upper hand in sales and marketing. Specific BI applications might have Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features. CRM tools allow you to handle the various aspects of customer-relationship handling and reporting. It will enable decision-makers to create actionable strategies to help sales and marketing personnel interact better with potential and existing clients.

BI software may also help salespeople gain a better grasp of the company’s sales cycle. It may entail:

  • Searching for new markets.
  • Tracking existing customers.
  • View profit margins in a period.
  • Provide after-sales services.

Considering to use BI systems with CRM capabilities may involve different personnel in various business departments. Professionals in human resource, finance & accounting, or front-end operations may use data gathering and reporting tools presented by a reliable program in creating actionable plans. Hence, companies may gain higher opportunities in increasing sales efficiently. The system may also provide decision-makers with additional insight into current and future market trends.

Consider taking time in looking for the right BI tools for your firm. Don’t rush the process of finding the right system as it might lead to undesirable outcomes. Check the features and benefits provided by specific BI software to let your business gain excellent value for money.


Many BI tools may handle Big Data to help different companies regardless of size. Aside from the benefits listed above, the right system may also help organizations gain competitive intelligence of their competitors. Furthermore, it may help companies improve their decision-making skills to plan for the future.

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