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Wikipedia has become an essential source of information containing an endless stream of facts and information on widespread range of subjects from across the world. Even though Wikipedia has a user-edit nature, it can still be trusted as a source of authentic facts. From information on a small screw to a complex philosophical or medical concept, it has information that is fact-based proved with evidence.

This article is going to discuss some of the most controversial health research pages by Wikipedia page creators found on the platform.

1. Psychosurgery

Also known as the neurosurgery for a mental disorder, has always been a controversial topic in the medical field. The first psychosurgery was performed in the early 20th century by the neurologist Egas Moniz who developed an operation known as Leucotomy. However, by time it declined and its effectiveness faded away. However, today, limbic leucotomy has been prevalent in treating depression and OSD up to 25 to 70 percent. The technology used in medication today has reduced the risks of psychosurgery, however, the adverse risks of the process still remains.

2. Madhouse: A Tragic Tale of Megalomania and Modern Medicine

This is a tale written by a psychiatrist sociologist in which he discusses the controversial psych Trist Henry Cotton at Trenton state hospital in New Jersey. This tale describes a more cannibalism concept where the doctor was convinced that insanity was a toxic mental disorder and can be treated surgically by removing certain parts of the body ultimately improving the mental state. This surgical treatment usually involved the removal of teeth and tonsils.

3. Monster study

The article describes an experiment involving stuttering performed on children in Davenport Iowa, among which half of the children received posited speech therapy resulting in the improvement of their speech and the other half negative speech therapy involving belittling the imperfections of the little ones, resulting in negative psychological effects. It was named monster study as the experiment was help on orphans.

4. Doctor’s trial

The trial help for 12 German doctors captivated by united state authorities after World War 2. The charges on the doctors were that they conducted a criminal activity on Nazi human experimentation and mass murder disguising as people of euthanasia. One of the doctors of the twelve was the reason all of them were caught by the states. They were accused of four charges and were sentenced to death for their crimes.

5. Skid Row Cancer Study

It is a study conducted by urologist on the homeless men of bowery in Manhattan. The people were offered a clean bed, food and medical care if they voluntarily stepped up and had prostate cancer. His discovery of the disease and medical training for rectal exam needed to diagnose the disease is what drove him to research in prostate cancer. The basic reasons for his experimentation to change the biological history and prove that the best way to treat the choric disease was to treat it before it became a serious threat for life.

These issues are some to name from the list of controversial health research pages found on the platform. You can always find interesting and also some horrifying issues on the platform.

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