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Fun and Fitness Activities for Working Moms and Kids

Life is too busy for a working mother! Between work and life responsibilities, the days are just passing her by in the blink of an eye. Many working moms worry that they don’t spend enough time with their kids, wondering if this will lead to developmental delays. Even many of them feel guilty about working full time, or experience anxiety about choosing to work out at the gym or go to dinner with friends. We will discuss more about indoor and outdoor fun & fitness activities for working moms and kids!

A recent study reveals the impact the amount of time working mothers spend with their kids has on several things. It includes academic achievement, behavior, and emotional well-being of their child. This is not to negate the importance of time spent with children, but rather, to reinforce the point that quality of time is much more important than the quantity of time. Children need high-quality time with mother. It is most beneficial to kids and what can have a positive effect on them as they grow. It isn’t about endless hours; it’s all about how you choose to spend that time that truly matters.

What’s more? Apart from giving quality time to your child, in the hectic working schedule, you won’t even give yourself and your health a little bit of your time that may result in various health issues. So, to eliminate all your worries, we’ve got some brilliant fun & fitness activities to do with your kid to spend quality time and to keep yourself fit & stress-free.

Top 6 Activities for Working Moms and Kids are as follows:

1. Hula Hoop:


Active play is essential in every child’s life, so why not introduce your kid to the hula hoop! Kids and moms around the world have played with hula hoops for centuries. It is the best way to burn calories, build strength, and get rid of belly fat, fight mental illnesses, depression, and the most important and ultimate way to spend time with your kids. All you need are a hula hoop, comfortable clothes, and half an hour of your time. Encourage your kid to use the hula hoop in any way they feel fit. You can show your kid, different tricks to try with the hoop. Just try to spin the hoop around your waist, or get it spinning on the ground or sometimes spinning on your arm to make your child laugh at you. Your kid will enjoy playing and experimenting with their hula hoop.

2. Follow-the-leader:

Kids love to play games. Playing follow-the-leader games can help your kids understand how to listen and obey directions in the given time. It’s a funny way to interact with your kids while teaching them a valuable lesson. Follow-the-leader games will also help you sharpen your child’s ability to hear your voice, listen to your instructions, and obey your requests.

3. Blind Fold:

Create a simple obstacle course for your kids to go through using Cousin pillow and other soft objects you have around your home. You can also play this outside with your children’s toys as the obstacles. Blind fold your child and assign a leader to him. Have the leader guide the blindfolded kid through the obstacle course. This game will challenge the kid who is blindfolded to trust the leader and learn to listen more than see.

4. Open Jump:

Being a working mom, it’s quite hard to maintain your body fitness and to give your kid time of joy and happiness. But with trampoline open jump, you won’t only give your kid a moment of joy but it’s also a great way to release all that extra energy. It’s a fantastic way to stay in shape and one of the best activities to interact with your kids. In this superb activity, your kid will be able to interact with the other kids that are there as well. With crash pads located all around the trampolines, this activity is a fun and safe way to exercise.

5. Throw the Ball:

Throw the ball is another one of the best fun & fitness activities. It’s so simple to play and entertain your child. Use a ball with the size that your kid can carry with both hands & sit opposite each other just a couple of feet apart. Gently throw the ball to your kid and encourage her/him to throw the ball back to you. As he/she gets better, increase the distance between you. You can also put some twist in the game by gently bouncing the ball to her. This game helps you spend time with your kid and enable you to teach your kid body awareness, gross motor skills, and concentration.

6. Reaction Ball time:

This is another amazing game for you and your kids. More than just a game, it is a fun & fitness activity that adds a little bit of everything: agility, social activity, healthy competition, coordination, and teamwork. Best of all, Reaction Ball Time is the best way to spend time with your kid, as being a working mom, you will be able to teach your kids the skills that will not only help him grow actively but also teaches him to work with coordination and in the team.

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