Thursday, 20 September 2018

Vape Mods: The Ugly Truth About Clones

Counterfeit products are not something fresh to the market. From shoes, bags, phones, and even cars, knock-off goods are close to the real deal but with a much cheaper price tag. At times, you cannot blame anyone for purchasing them. But are clone vape mods worth a try?

Clone vape mods are counterfeits of known vape mod brands. Most of these clones are hard to differentiate just by observing them. Even though clones may look and function almost the same, there’s usually a catch.

The Ugly Truth

The fact is that while clone vape mods are cheap, this automatically translates to the use of cheap materials and poor build quality. Comparing the e-cigarette industry to others, it’s still in its infancy stages. The vape industry started receiving mainstream recognition only recently, both praising and diminishing. Due to the industry’s fragility, there are many reasons to avoid these counterfeits.

Cheap is Expensive

When purchasing a legitimate name-brand vape mod, you are acquiring something that has gone through thorough engineering using high-end materials. A clone or counterfeit vape mod will equally resemble the legit thing, but closer observation exposes the cheap materials used. The poor build extends to the battery as well. E-cigarettes and vape kits utilize lithium-ion batteries, which degrade as time goes on. Even the perfectly-crafted lithium-ion batteries still degrade. A counterfeit vape mod will probably be utilizing a low-end battery. Apart from diminishing product quality, this poses a threat to the user’s safety.

Where these e-cigarette clones are concerned, quality control is little to none. All popular brands will have a quality control department that makes sure that the products adhere to standards and pass safety inspections. With fake vape mods, the manufactures have no consideration for standards and safety.

They Don’t Have to Be Monitored

If you are purchasing from a known brand at a trusted outlet, the gadgets are probably regulated. These safety features keep the users away from harm and avoid minor problems like overcharging. Nonetheless, this is not to state that all clone devices are lacking when it comes to safety measures, but there is no guarantee that they feature them, either. When dealing with counterfeits, it’s more of a ‘you get what you pay for’ situation.

Lately, the media has focused its attention on the negative side of vapes like vape explosions. There are also court cases on faulty lithium-ion batteries. To not to fall victim to this, buying from a reputable source is highly recommended.

You’re Hurting the Legitimate Brands

When purchasing a counterfeit vape mod, you’re getting a replica of the hard effort put in by a big label. These big companies spend millions to make sure that their product is of the best quality. When you get an imitation, you’re ultimately hurting the original brand.

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