Thursday, 19 October 2017

Two Easy Ways to Get Fans on Social Media

Whether you’re an influencer, a content creator, a small business owner, or a brand manager, a large part of your daily work involves managing social media websites and making your fanbase bigger. Outside of search engines, social media websites are the biggest drivers of organic traffic to websites and influencer platforms. You need an all-encompassing strategy that informs your content, your schedule, and your interactions on social media. This article will help you find a few ways you can easily grow your fanbase – this can act as part of your broader social media strategy that can help you stay relevant and successfully self-promote.

Talk about Tropical Things

This is a risky strategy but necessary if you want to quickly gather a fanbase – depending on your goals, you can make use of tropical news to gather a fanbase:

  • Unless you have an explicitly political platform or provide services related to politics, you should stir clear of politics online. Not only it is very divisive and will alienate a lot of your fanbase, but it might even invite harassment and doxxing. Considering the risks, the rewards are just not worth it – politics is just an example of this sort of content, which includes religion, race, etc.
  • You should try to be humorous and find the content you can comment on in a funny manner – if you’re running the social media of a bakery, you’d want to comment on the cakes that go viral with a bit of humor. This will make people more interested in your platform and remember your brand.
  • A bit of self-promotion never hurts. If a big company is on the news that has made a big mistake, you can comment on it by saying how your company is handling the matter and ensuring that sort of thing doesn’t happen there.
There are a few directions you can go with the tropical content – you can try to be humorous, informative, or even opinionated, but it is important to remember the risks and rewards involved and choose a style that best reflects your business or content as an influencer.

Try to Create Unique Content

Creating unique content for your social media is worth it if you know how to do it correctly – social media accounts aren’t your main source of revenue, and they are just a side-show, so you shouldn’t spend a lot of time creating unique content for your social media – nevertheless, spending some time trying to create something unique for your social media followers that your normal fans won’t get means following your social media provides extra value and encourages your regular fans to follow you. If your social media is just a platform for self-promoting your main content/business, it provides no extra value, and people wouldn’t be interested.

There are a few tools you can use to reward your fans with personalized content when they buy something off your e-commerce platform. For example, will allow you to send a personalized thank you message to anyone who buys certain merch from your store. This is a great example of a novel way to attract customers, and you should think of similar things when it comes to your social media accounts.

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