Sunday, 2 October 2016

Boost Your Online Business With Helpful Tools

The 21st-century technological advancement brought drastic changes as to how businesses thrive in the market. The old ways of carefully and personally curating business partners have evolved into a more digital one.

If you have decided to run a business within the ones and zeroes of the internet, then you will need help in maintaining it and making sure that it prospers. Here are five of the best tools that can help you with your online business venture:


It’s important to have your website that will look and feel trustworthy. Wix is a platform where you can create your website depending on your preferences and the needs of your brand.

With Wix, you have the freedom to choose your website’s layout and even create a brand new logo for your business. Wix offers hundreds of suggestions and available templates are you have zero ideas on how to start creating your website.

You can easily manage and develop your web presence when you already have a trusted website. You can even edit your site’s mobile view to be more accessible to your customers and business partners.


Having an online business sometimes means having a team in different parts of the world. Asana makes it better for you to manage your team whenever and wherever.

You can assign tasks that everyone can see so that everyone knows what’s happening with the business at any given time. Skip the long meetings and just check the Asana boards daily for updates. Be more effective in meeting deadlines by creating tasks and boards designated for each part of your business e.g. accounting, public relations, or sales.


You know how you get a list of customer or business partner prospects but you can’t seem to get in touch with them? You either have a really hard time contacting them or they have to wait a long time for you to respond and set a date for a meeting. ScheduleOnce is a tool designed to help you and your business get those very important meetings set and going.

When you send an email invite to a prospective customer or business partner, they can choose a date from the attached calendar widget when both parties are free. The schedules can be synced with Google Calendar and other calendar apps and tools for much easier access.


Once you have had your official website, and you can manage your team well already and have a steady influx of customers and business partners, you will want to increase your online presence through social media. By using different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, you must keep a steady schedule of posts. If you want to gain followers and not lose your social media accounts’ presence, then you got to create content that is released regularly.

Later is a software that can help you and your business in creating content for social media and making sure that this content is released regularly. You can create content in a bulk and then schedule each one to maintain the flow of algorithm that your social media accounts followers receive. The more regular and dependable you are with releasing content, the more your business social media accounts can gain more followers and potential customers.


Of course, you do need a budget. Managing a business, even an online one, requires you to have an effective budget system. Without this, you and your business are doomed to fail.

The YouNeedABudget app will help you manage your money by first defining the most important things for you, then allotting each dollar you earn depending on your needs, and of course, saving up for future use. You can now buy any Omega watch you want or not worry if your car breaks down or if your business website needs an overhaul. Every dime is accounted for and you will have no guilt whatsoever in spending it, you will have no fears because you have already budgeted even for the emergencies.

All these software and apps are tools to help you and make sure that your business thrives in the market. It’s all up to you now on how you will use these and improve your business depending on your preferences and needs.

Irene Grace Tangaro has been writing for online and offline journals, newspapers, and sites since 2015. She recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing. Her write-ups can be read at,, and

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