Friday, 26 August 2016

Things You Need to Know About Avantone Mixcube Studio Speakers

The gadgetry world we live in has everything but perfection. None of the electronic items releasing its newer version can’t be reckoned as its final version having the optimum possible features for its lovers. But, in fact, after every newer model of an electronic gadget, we see another newer one in the pipeline and so is true of audio systems. Avantone was surely believed to replace the Auratone 5C when the company released the Passive MixCube and the fact remains they did succeed. The majority of the audio lovers believe that Passive MixCube was going to hit the global market and that is why it resultantly brought a good deal of attention to its maker.

The Avantone Mixcube Studio Speakers has all the features that made its predecessors such hits when they were launched in the market but Avantone MixCube has been introduced with some of the unique upgrades that we are going to talk about. People who adored Auratone for its design, they love Avantone for the same reason.

Besides, they love Avantone for its remarkable upgrades as well. Avantone’s MixCubes mini reference monitors enable you to hear what your mixing effects will very much sound like the real-world systems sound such as car stereo, computers, televisions, and iPod docking stations. It has very reasonable specs as well. For examples,

Avantone Mixcube Studio Speakers

Its 6.5″ Tall. It contains a 5.25″ size speaker (and it is capable to provide marvelous sound quality reproduction to be utilized for great- reference-mixing effects.

The shielded cabinet has been particularly designed to be placed next to computers and make you immune from any kind of interference.

Thanks to all of these upgrades, if you want accurate sound mixes with great quality, then it is highly suggested to make up your system using Avantone MixCube. But just like all electronic devices, Avantone MicCube has its pros and cons as discussed below.


  • Mixing with consistency and accuracy is remarkable
  • Distortion of the original sound is reduced to minimal
  • The price is quite affordable
  • Its design is pretty appealing


  • The only known drawback of the Avantone MixCube is that it can’t function as a primary system. 


The Active MixCube yields:
  1. 165mm x 165mm x 165mm and 3.5kg per monitor (Dimensions)
  2. 90Hz-17kHz (This is the Frequency Range of the system)
  3. 60W (Power needed)
  4. Balanced XLR and 6.3mm jack (This is the required Analogue Input)
  5. 5.25-inch driver

Despite magnetic shielding, no manual frequency correction can be carried out, just digital input is possible or Mini-jack Input at the most.


The speakers come with a glossy polyurethane exterior with an eye-catching cream color. It is a blend of traditional and modern outlook. The box is pretty solid with 18mm MDF panels making it durable that can deliver a more linear audio response, and keep the connections at the back intact. The radiused edges along with a neoprene pad (7mm), and a threaded insert (5/8 inches) that caters to the mic stand mounting and Dacron acoustical stuffing needs. You will applaud the state of the art Neutrik Combo Connector along with the RCA input.


To excel its predecessors, Avantone MixCube endeavors to deliver the same features just like them such as, the amplifier has been installed out of the resonant chamber, which is a relatively new improvement in the cabinet and the amp. The midrange elements, thanks to improved upgrades have more clarity. The low mids and lower end are also more focused and tighter. Without resonance, you will be able to judge the bass/kick balance and bass consistency more accurately. If you adored the Auratone 5C for a more focused and clean sound, the Avantone has every reason to win your heart. Its audio, in particular, is awesome which is lower than what Aurotone generates.

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